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Interested in #medicine and #DataScience? Consider taking a supported year of research as part of our @NIH #Bridge2AI program! All are welcome to apply! https://shileyeye.ucsd.edu/research/ai_readi #MedTwitter #MedicalStudent #Ophthotwitter https://t.co/Jx60QUSf3X
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This common pain relief drug causes people to take more risks, study says
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After mothballing Amazon Care, Amazon reenters tele-health with Amazon Clinic, a marketplace for third-party virtual consultants
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Blood Pressure Medicine Recall: Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Action - CNET
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Two Batches of Blood Pressure Medicine Have Been Recalled - CNET
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The numbers are in: the heat is taking a heavy toll on health and incomes
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How to add your medications to your iPhone and get reminded to take them on time
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Apple Watch heart attack detection shown to work – but many barriers to real-life use
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She Matters app now helps Black women with a variety of postpartum health issues
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Senators Klobuchar And Warren Are Mad That Meta Is Taking Down Abortion Posts; If They Were Serious, They’d Protect Section 230
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Urgent medicine recall: A serious dosage mistake can lead to overdose and death
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New York Becomes The First State To Pass A ‘Right To Repair’ Law
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Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously
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Everly Health founder discusses leading a startup through two acquisitions
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Discord’s new policy will ban harmful medical advice, taking aim at anti-vaxx groups
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New drug recall issued: Stop taking these cold & flu medicines immediately
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A long-form interview I did taking a dive into the cutting edge and accelerating future of health and medicine... From #DigitalHealth, #AI and #BigData to #AR, #telemedicine to the democratizing of #healthtech, #GlobalHealth and health equity. https://youtu.be/-UexSru17MM
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Tech founder who took space trip with William Shatner dies in N.J. plane crash
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Autonomous robot performs its first intramuscular injection without needles
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Fintech’s growing role in the healthcare revolution
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Muscle relaxant pills recalled because the dose is higher than listed
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FDA blood pressure medicine recall: Stop taking these pills now
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Experts warn taking common pain reliever during pregnancy is risky
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COVID-19 vaccine study has good news for people with multiple sclerosis
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New CDC study shows just how big a COVID risk the unvaccinated are taking
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Researchers aim to cure HIV with a ‘fundamentally different’ method
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The FDA OKs an Extra Vaccine Dose for Immunosuppressed People
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Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
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If you have this popular painkiller in your medicine cabinet, stop taking it now
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New artificial vision technology could restore vision to the blind
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If you take this common medication, call your doctor right now
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23andMe is going public as it pushes further into healthcare
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Stop taking these OTC medicines before getting a coronavirus vaccine
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FDA warns two drugs recalled because the pills were mixed up
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Donald Trump headed to hospital 'out of caution' after testing positive for COVID-19 - CNET
@cnet.com 2 years ago
Donald Trump and Melania Trump both test positive for COVID-19 - CNET
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DeFi and healthcare: A trillion-dollar opportunity for the taking
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Harvard researchers developed an AI to determine how medical treatments affect life spans [love, love this picture (no mice were harmed in taking it)] https://bit.ly/35FO688 #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #DeepLearning #healthcareworkers #medicine https://t.co/BaoOLAZp8A
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#cMIMI20 @SIIM_Tweets is taking place with high quality and quite insightful presentations on #MachineLearning in #MedicalImaging. Don't miss out on this opportunity! https://siim.org/page/2020cmimi https://t.co/bYfRZvJddX
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Grail Files to Go Public; 5 More Life Science Firms Join the IPO Queue
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Microdosing THC confirmed effective for pain relief at minuscule doses
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Common cholesterol drugs may trigger protective gut bacteria changes
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Researchers found an novel way to treat snakebite victims
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A drug thought to worsen coronavirus infections might actually help people recover
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Postmates now delivers essentials from Walgreens, Duane Reade and 7-Eleven
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#Datascience is taking the healthcare industry to a whole new height, from drug discovery to computerized health records. Stanford Medicine’s 2018 Health Trends Report, #AI could help reduce health care costs by $150 billion by 2026 in the U.S. #WorldHealthDay #stayhome https://t.co/WLjvap6GGm
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Americans are taking fish antibiotics to save money
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Withings Connect review: Easy blood pressure monitoring