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Taking Ultrahuman’s sleep & fitness tracking Ring for a spin
@technopark_zh 1 month ago
Here's another another #TOP12 #nominee for the #Pionierpreis2023 : @the_dbi ! The #healthTech #startup is working on taking future precision medicine to the next level - by analyzing exhaled breath by applying #MachineLearning algorithms. #technopark_zh #AI #MedTech @zkb_ch https://t.co/aqa7oMGREq
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.@RajivMessage The West has taken Indian mathematics, Indian medicine, a huge amount of Indian metallurgy, textiles & even Sanskrit & now they are taking our data through social media: Rajiv Malhotra | #Shorts Follow us | http://citti.net | #AI #BigData https://t.co/OnrzdSeEfV
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A new wave of medicines that treat obesity have been met with applause, concern, and abuse. Fat activists say they’re tools of coercion. Celebrities are taking them to get slim. Is this really the road people want to go down? https://www.wired.com/story/anti-obesity-drugs/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=wired&utm_social-type=owned : Getty https://t.co/jL7ha4OWWg
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KPN Health Acquires Itzos to Bolster Healthcare Division
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4 More Lots of Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Over Impurity - CNET
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Interested in #medicine and #DataScience? Consider taking a supported year of research as part of our @NIH #Bridge2AI program! All are welcome to apply! https://shileyeye.ucsd.edu/research/ai_readi #MedTwitter #MedicalStudent #Ophthotwitter https://t.co/Jx60QUSf3X
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This common pain relief drug causes people to take more risks, study says
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After mothballing Amazon Care, Amazon reenters tele-health with Amazon Clinic, a marketplace for third-party virtual consultants
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Blood Pressure Medicine Recall: Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Action - CNET
@cnet.com 4 months ago
Two Batches of Blood Pressure Medicine Have Been Recalled - CNET
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The numbers are in: the heat is taking a heavy toll on health and incomes
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How to add your medications to your iPhone and get reminded to take them on time
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Apple Watch heart attack detection shown to work – but many barriers to real-life use
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She Matters app now helps Black women with a variety of postpartum health issues
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Senators Klobuchar And Warren Are Mad That Meta Is Taking Down Abortion Posts; If They Were Serious, They’d Protect Section 230
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Urgent medicine recall: A serious dosage mistake can lead to overdose and death
@techdirt.com 9 months ago
New York Becomes The First State To Pass A ‘Right To Repair’ Law
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Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously
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Everly Health founder discusses leading a startup through two acquisitions
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Discord’s new policy will ban harmful medical advice, taking aim at anti-vaxx groups
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New drug recall issued: Stop taking these cold & flu medicines immediately
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A long-form interview I did taking a dive into the cutting edge and accelerating future of health and medicine... From #DigitalHealth, #AI and #BigData to #AR, #telemedicine to the democratizing of #healthtech, #GlobalHealth and health equity. https://youtu.be/-UexSru17MM
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Tech founder who took space trip with William Shatner dies in N.J. plane crash
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Autonomous robot performs its first intramuscular injection without needles
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Fintech’s growing role in the healthcare revolution
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Muscle relaxant pills recalled because the dose is higher than listed
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FDA blood pressure medicine recall: Stop taking these pills now
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Experts warn taking common pain reliever during pregnancy is risky
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COVID-19 vaccine study has good news for people with multiple sclerosis
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
New CDC study shows just how big a COVID risk the unvaccinated are taking
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Researchers aim to cure HIV with a ‘fundamentally different’ method
@wired.com 1 year ago
The FDA OKs an Extra Vaccine Dose for Immunosuppressed People
@eff.org 1 year ago
Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
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If you have this popular painkiller in your medicine cabinet, stop taking it now
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New artificial vision technology could restore vision to the blind
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If you take this common medication, call your doctor right now
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23andMe is going public as it pushes further into healthcare
@bgr.com 2 years ago
Stop taking these OTC medicines before getting a coronavirus vaccine
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
FDA warns two drugs recalled because the pills were mixed up
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Donald Trump headed to hospital 'out of caution' after testing positive for COVID-19 - CNET
@cnet.com 2 years ago
Donald Trump and Melania Trump both test positive for COVID-19 - CNET
@cointelegraph.com 2 years ago
DeFi and healthcare: A trillion-dollar opportunity for the taking
@nigewillson 2 years ago
Harvard researchers developed an AI to determine how medical treatments affect life spans [love, love this picture (no mice were harmed in taking it)] https://bit.ly/35FO688 #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #DeepLearning #healthcareworkers #medicine https://t.co/BaoOLAZp8A
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#cMIMI20 @SIIM_Tweets is taking place with high quality and quite insightful presentations on #MachineLearning in #MedicalImaging. Don't miss out on this opportunity! https://siim.org/page/2020cmimi https://t.co/bYfRZvJddX
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Grail Files to Go Public; 5 More Life Science Firms Join the IPO Queue
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Microdosing THC confirmed effective for pain relief at minuscule doses
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Common cholesterol drugs may trigger protective gut bacteria changes