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In case you couldn't tune in, here's the video of Dr. Leo Celi's lecture from the @MITCriticalData on how clinicians and researchers can make sure that #AI and #machinelearning in #healthcare work for everybody. • https://tcairem.utoronto.ca/past-events #medicine #technology #data https://t.co/hRbkFqK82N
@kelkalot 6 months ago
Are we sure that studies in medicine comparing human+AI vs human not only measure the Hawthorne effect? Are there studies that compare human+AI vs human vs human+fake AI? #AI #medicine #MachineLearning
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Engadget Podcast: Keeping fit with tech at home
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Here’s how hospitals are keeping up emergency services during COVID-19
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Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide: What to Buy (and Avoid) in Case of Quarantine
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23andMe's VIP service includes a one-on-one chat to explain your DNA
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Accidentally swallowed AirPod still worked, even in a man’s stomach … ‘magical,’ says owner
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How Can We Be Sure #ArtificialIntelligence Is Safe For #Medical Use? https://buff.ly/2GmfvyM @NPR @rrichardh #fintech #insurtech #healthcare #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #robotics https://t.co/16HrV6zZCK
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Attending Big data and the big picture: deep learning in optimisation of medical imaging this morning at #ECR2019? Be sure to read @EFOMP_org white paper on #bigdata and #deeplearning http://bit.ly/2XswyWs #EJMP https://t.co/CVb8Y6AzPt
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Not Sure About Compensation, But YES, Ownership of OUR Data Is a Human Right https://www.economist.com/open-future/2019/01/21/we-need-to-own-our-data-as-a-human-right-and-be-compensated-for-it #IoT #ITRTG #BigData #DataScience #SciComm #MedEd #music #technology #data #tech #HumanRights #genomics #RareDisease #AI CC: @erictopol ***Nice Mention of Medical Data :-) https://t.co/A5ZioXQYLK
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We've been looking forward to speaking at the @StanfordMed #BigData in Precision Medicine conference for months, and the day is finally here! Make sure to tune into our #Facebook page for a LIVE cast of @kkuzmesk talk on #blockchain and #healthcare later today! https://t.co/306EzjIWdR
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With all the recent privacy scares, it’s kind of a weird time to be asking a million people to voluntarily hand over decades of health records and DNA ...
@WIRED 3 years ago
Sure, drop thousands of dollars to dodge lines and have a more pleasant visit to the doctor. Just don’t expect to live longer as a result.
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How health care startups can protect their AI edge
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Man busted for arson after his pacemaker snitched on him
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Medicinal Genomics Seeks to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain
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How the most connected hospitals will use chatbots
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Wonder if #Montpellier #medicalschool need an #epidemiologist I'm sure they have some #BigData that needs a mingle https://t.co/zfXKXFSAeV
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Jennifer Lawrence signs on to play Elizabeth Holmes in a medical drama about Theranos
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TinyRx brings the pharmacy (and all your medication) right to you
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The medical abortion works — so why aren't more women using it?
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Obama wants to build an exascale supercomputer by 2025
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This Cybersecurity Medicine Might Be Tough To Swallow