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Galaxy Watch 3, Apple Watch 7 might get blood sugar measurement function
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MIT researchers discover why cancer cells get energy from fermentation
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Sugar linked to early death, but not for the reason you think
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Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
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Popular opioid painkiller linked to low blood sugar condition
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Scientists store data inside molecules that drive your metabolism
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Livongo's smartwatch tie-in is made for managing chronic conditions
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With $35M, Whole Biome Eyes 2020 Launch of Medical Food for Diabetes
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Common blood sugar drug found to reverse heart failure in non-diabetics
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Popular blood sugar drug slashes kidney failure risk in diabetics
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Shift work health risks linked to blood sugar and triglyceride changes
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A sweet tooth could fuel cancer cell growth
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Beta Bionics Secures $63M as AI-Driven “Pancreas” Heads to Key Tests
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Inside the fight over the sugar conspiracy
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The FDA has approved a blood sugar monitor that doesn’t require a finger prick
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Sami Inkinen on his bold plan to cure type 2 diabetes forever
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With $37 million in funding, health startup Virta aims to cure type 2 diabetes by watching what you eat
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RT @howardlindzon: Makes sense ... Warren Buffett is long uppers (sugar- Coke) and downers (Ambien - Sanofi), with a heavy dosage of c… https://t.co/2PTsGESvOJ
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How the sugar industry bought out scientists for decades, and how to stop it from happening again
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Dogs can smell low blood sugar in people with diabetes
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You could soon be taking a robot pill that delivers drugs with sugar needles
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The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in New York City isn’t your average pet clinic.