AI could make healthcare fairer—by helping us believe what patients tell us
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Congratulations to Prof @Ian_HKU for being awarded $ 9.6 million in Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Covid-19 to conduct a project entitled ‘A multinational #BigData #COVID19 Epidemiological Study on post-infection Outcomes (ACESO)’ @hkumed #HKUPharm #medicalresearch
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Study offers data related to physicians' potential liability to use #AI in personalized medicine. #HealthTech #MachineLearning #BigData #Analytics #Python #RStats #DevCommunity #Serverless #womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode #DeepLearning #DataScience #Healthcare
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Study Shows How #AI can be Used for #DrugRepurposing #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithm #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DL #Medicine #medications #Data #Tech #Technology @webmasterdave @2peterharris @gsabate @AliceParkNY @drmonalidesai @protoninfo 1 month ago
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Researchers bioprint mini human kidneys in the lab
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Leveraging #machinelearning and big data for optimizing medication prescriptions in complex diseases: a case study in diabetes management #ArtificialIntelligence #ai #ml #InternetofThings #IoT #DataScience #digitalhealth #DeepLearning #DL #mlearning 2 months ago
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World's smallest #3Dprinted Boat for Medical study▶️ #Analytics #RStats #reactjs #Java #IoT #IIoT #3dprinting #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #DataScience #CloudComputing #Linux #Golang #Serverless #healthcare #HealthTech #Coding #WomenWhoCode #100DaysOfCode 2 months ago
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Study finds vitamin triggers body to create special calorie-burning fat 3 months ago
This common drug you already have at home might save your life from COVID-19
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🧬 A beautiful, recent genomic sequencing study in a "medically-complex" cohort of 138 pediatric patients - novel variants - ultra-rare DXs - 31% diagnostic yield (!) #snrtg #rstats #bioinformatics #openscience #datascience #genomics #raredisease 3 months ago
COVID-19 discovery paves way for new class of non-opioid painkillers 3 months ago
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This phone test may tell you you’re drunk
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I’ll repeat the important bit You. can’t. map. population. prediction. models. onto. individuals. (Note- Medicine could use a reminder if this too- I’m looking at you, prognostic factor observational study) #alevels2020 #DataScience 5 months ago
Most popular painkillers may be slowly making some users deaf
@UNSWMedicine 5 months ago
Australian children with #asthma – preschoolers in particular – are being inappropriately prescribed combination asthma medication, shows a @UNSW #BigData study on dispensing patterns led by @Nusrat_Homaira. 5 months ago
Apple sponsors a three-year UCLA study on depression and anxiety 5 months ago
Marijuana may interfere with dozens of common prescription drugs
@PittSTREAM 5 months ago
Study in @PLOSONE by @jennyciganic, PittSTREAM's @walidgellad, et al developed and validated a #machinelearning algorithm to improve prediction of incident opioid use disorder diagnosis among Medicare beneficiaries with ≥1 opioid prescriptions. #opioids 5 months ago
Study finds most recovered COVID-19 patients have heart issues 6 months ago
Researchers aim to measure the impact of imprecise medical data on AI predictions