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Location Data Tracks Abortion Clinic Visits. Here’s What to Know
@eff.org 1 year ago
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back on Vaccine Privacy in New York
@PRouzrokh 1 year ago
I just mentioned some steps / resources to learn #MachineLearning and #DeepLearning for medical applications in answer to a nice question by @BakhshiHooman. I retweet it here for others who may also be interested. https://twitter.com/PRouzrokh/status/1603737003274735625
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5 Money-Saving Steps for Surviving the Health Care System - CNET
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The US is trying to fix medical devices’ big cybersecurity problem
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Everly Health founder discusses leading a startup through two acquisitions
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Cancer-targeting treatment “steps on the gas” to kill tumors
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Artificial intelligence algorithm to detect suicide risk takes next steps toward clinic with funding from NIH - Medical University of South Carolina Read more here: https://ift.tt/3zEkKm2 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #BigDa
@alexcodertech 3 years ago
Day 5 of code. When at first I felt like I was close to getting down JavaScript. I fall back 🥲 like 20 steps. Lol why can’t my medical backround help in learning this stuff a lot faster. #coding #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #dev #DataScience #code #codingisfun
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Open Access Must Be the Rule, Not the Exception
@posos_tech 3 years ago
Discover how we are building our medical search engine — Step 1: medical word embeddings by @francoisplesse https://link.medium.com/Ap1NYEB5t8 Check out what motivated our choices and stay tuned for the next steps! #MachineLearning #hcsmeufr #digitalhealth #NLP
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Tip: set your iPhone to automatically share your Medical ID information during emergency calls
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
Apple Launches COVID-19 Self-Screening Site
@geekwire.com 4 years ago
Washington state takes steps to cut costs of coronavirus testing and treatment
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Nano Comes to Life, book review: Small steps towards a giant leap
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FDA proposed rule shows it’s serious about banning e-cigarettes
@_bakulpatel 5 years ago
Excited about today’s announcement: FDA’s Digital Health team released a discussion paper with steps to consider a tailored framework for regulating #AI / #MachineLearning medical device software #samd #digitalhealth https://www.fda.gov/downloads/MedicalDevices/DigitalHealth/SoftwareasaMedicalDevice/UCM635052.pdf https://t.co/UZ4VyYLtk4
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NASA replaces Boeing Starliner astronaut before first crewed launch - CNET
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Epic Working to Help Patients Keep Their Health Data in Safe Hands
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Elizabeth Holmes steps down as Theranos CEO as DOJ levels charges
Toshiba may file for bankruptcy: chairman resigns following $6.3 billion loss
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Belgian company offers to make its employees cyborgs with microchip implants
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UK patients could wait a year longer for new drugs after Brexit
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MOOV HR measures heart rate from the head for better accuracy
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Running iOS 10? Follow these 3 steps to save a life
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Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids
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Apple's new ResearchKit: 'Ethics quagmire' or medical research aid?
@BenBajarin 9 years ago
Apple showing with ResearchKit just how deeply they are getting engrained in the medical community. First of many big steps to come.