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Join our team! We are looking for a Research Fellow to join the @RCOptimalHealth, @LifeSciWestmin, @UniWestminster, to work on an ambitious research project starting 01 Nov 2020. https://findajob.dwp.gov.uk/details/4723094 #deeplearning #machinelearning #UKBiobank #biomedicalresearch #medicalimaging
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Amazon plans 20 healthcare clinics across U.S. for warehouse employees and their families
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Italy's 'Immuni' COVID-19 contact tracing app uses Google, Apple tech
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Turkey GDP Nowcast Update (March17th): Get ready for everything but the starting point is high (near 9% as other professionals @SimdiTahmin. Our #BigData shows surging food&medicines expend. compensating so far the decline Travel&Tourism. But Get ready and rule out complacency. https://t.co/XsbEpgXCv6
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3 - And last, we are starting a Data Science/Clinical Informatics summer research experience for URiM medical students through @BIDMC_Education and @BIDMCEM. If you know any MS1s looking for summer research send em my way! #HIT #HealthTech #clinicalInformatics #DataScience
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Medicare insurers are starting to offer big Apple Watch discounts
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Nobel prizes starts with physiology or medicine prize
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Starting soon at #himsseurope19 room 101: What can #AI deliver today and what are we really ready for? Mikko Rotonen @HUS_uutisoi and @MattiRistimaki present: #Healthcare #bigdata accelerating algorithm development for personalized medicine – case Finland. #health2con https://t.co/QtQ3icSaLZ
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Google targets misleading anti-abortion ads by certifying advertisers
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Twitter book club to discuss Deep Medicine by @EricTopol will be starting in half an hour! Look for hashtags #deepmedicine and #pennradbook, and join the discussion. Even if you haven't read the book, there will be lots to discuss for #doctors and #machinelearning folks alike! https://t.co/asez1Q8lmC
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UT Health San Antonio Plans New Accelerator for Faculty Research
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Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room
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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles leads vast expansion of medical VR training for doctors
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Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches
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The first autonomous drone network will fly above Switzerland starting next month
@WIRED 3 years ago
Starting today, VA Video Connect will be offered by 300 medical providers at 67 VA hospitals and clinics across the country, with plans to expand the tool ...
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Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice controlled technology
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Deep Learning, AI Could One Day Assist in Spotting Cancer
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Facebook introduces personal fundraising tools, donate buttons in Facebook Live for Pages
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Hey Alexa, does this look infected?
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FDA orders Scanadu to shut down support for its Scout device and customers are mad
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Too many mental health apps put style over substance
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Garmin's new Forerunner 35 watch has wrist-based heart rate sensors
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The first four apps with Apple CareKit hit the App Store
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Watsi launches 5-day donation campaign after raising $5M to help 5K patients
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Cohero Health Aims To Improve Patient Care For The 26 Million American Asthma Sufferers
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Google Search Will Now Surface Info On More Health Conditions
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Medicare proposes paying doctors for end-of-life consultations
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Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise
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Google adds fact-checked medical information to search
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DHL drone will make deliveries to German island starting Friday
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Uber launches ‘Corner Store’ delivery service in Washington DC
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What next for Samsung?