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SkyCell raises $57M at a $600M valuation to build smart containers for pharmaceutical transport
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Wellplaece wants to put a smile on dentists’ face with new supply procurement marketplace
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Singapore’s Ora takes a vertically-integrated approach to telehealth
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FTC fines GoodRx $1.5 million for sending consumer health data to Google and Facebook
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Amazon's Alexa caregiver service now allows custom alerts
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YouTube will let doctors and nurses apply to be labeled as reliable
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How to watch Five Days at Memorial, a new Apple TV+ series about Hurricane Katrina
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Hundreds of TV writers call on Netflix, Apple to improve safety measures in anti-abortion states
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Dolphins May Medicate Themselves With Coral
@walterfwiggins 2 years ago
Healthcare #DataScience is a team sport. You need medical expertise to really understand the data. And not just any doctor will do. You need someone who really understands the specific type of data you’re working with. And you need DS expertise. Working side by side. https://twitter.com/hoalycu/status/1507770891786096643
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NIH says common water pill shows promise as repurposed Alzheimer’s drug
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Scientists Use Implanted Electrodes to Cure Severe Depression
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WHO recommends antibodies for two specific groups of COVID patients
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Phytoestrogen and specific gut bacteria may hold key to MS treatment
@thenextweb.com 3 years ago
COVID-19 antibodies may fade faster in men than women
@LuisMateusRocha 3 years ago
"In the future, our review process of #BigData research will include reviewers with such specific expertise." #duh Covid-19 studies based on flawed Surgisphere data force medical journals to review processes https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/12/covid-19-studies-based-on-flawed-surgisphere-data-force-medical-journals-to-review-processes?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet
@reshamas 4 years ago
Great explanation of #datascience terms. Medical test needs to be: 1. SENSITIVE: a technical measure of the smallest amount of virus they can detect & 2. SPECIFIC: ensuring they do not mistake other pathogens, (eg common cold) for the new #COVID19 https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2020/03/26/negative-coronavirus-test-result-doesnt-always-mean-you-arent-infected/
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Researchers Create AI-Powered Blood Test to Detect Cancer
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Study shows plasma ‘clock’ as potential key to aging
@sallyeaves 4 years ago
Technology in Medicine - The capacity to drive more personalised precision #healthcare and specific advances such as this #MachineLearning tool that accurately diagnoses esophageal #Cancer http://bit.ly/HealthML #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData @HealthITNews @HealthcareLdr https://t.co/NYhSRJ9S5u
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"What makes #AI and #machinelearning based drug discovery so exciting is its potential to transform the idea of personalized medication for specific biological profiles." Read more about our efforts to accelerate the journey from #data to drugs: http://ow.ly/m9ZP50wtSbP
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Laser activated microbots can deliver meds to specific body parts
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The next frontier for cannabis vapes: mood-specific formulas
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Shift work health risks linked to blood sugar and triglyceride changes
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Hu-manity wants to create a health data marketplace with help from blockchain
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Scientists reprogram T Cells to target autoimmune diseases
@engadget.com 5 years ago
Scientists reprogram T Cells to target autoimmune diseases
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Apple ResearchKit 2 updates include iOS 12 UI, audio and vision tests
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Innovative wheelchair design isn’t for all wheelchair users
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Healthy.io turns your smartphone into a clinical-grade medical testing device
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How data helps medical professionals implement patient personalisation
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Researchers develop unsupervised AI to spot illegal drug sales on Twitter
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Thanks to VR, your office will resemble a tropical island
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San Diego’s Medicine Man Club Uses Native Cryptocurency Token Rather Than Cash
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AI is now the best friend IT ever had
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Alibaba Cloud launches AI services for health care, manufacturing
@Talena_Inc 8 years ago
As #bigdata platforms specific to the medical field emerge, the value of new data management architecture grows http://buff.ly/20bQA1C
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3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London
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Concerns raised over broad scope of DeepMind-NHS health data-sharing deal
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Risk And Reward: The Bundled Payment Opportunity For Tech Startups
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Ancestry.com is talking to the FDA about using DNA to estimate people's risk of disease
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TrialMatch Aims To Ease The Pain Of Clinical Trials Recruitment
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BoardVitals Raises $1.1 Million To Make It Easier For You To Become A Doctor
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Google’s New Health Wearable Delivers Constant Patient Monitoring
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Data-driven therapy: How The Sync Project wants to use music as medicine
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Apple adds developer guidelines for medical research, bans YouTube ripper apps
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White House unveils $215 million plan to develop patient-specific medical treatments
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Modernizing Medicine is raising a $20M round for cloud health records