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Sam Bankman-Fried Almost Tweeted About His Depression, Drafts Show
@WIRED 12 months ago
We gazed into the crystal ball in the WIRED office to glimpse the future of medical technology. What we saw were 8 innovations that may soon be in a hospital ward near you. Including: 🤖 Fully Autonomous Surgical Robots Smart Toilets That Can Detect Disease https://t.co/5TDOFYAgsh
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“GPT” may be trademarked soon if OpenAI has its way
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Struggling to Pinpoint Your Digestive Issues? Swallow This Sensor
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Ransomware crooks steal 3m+ patients' medical records, personal info
@theregister.com 1 year ago
IBM health benefits blackout leaves retirees footing the bill
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Researchers Block Peanut Allergy Reactions in Mice
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Coming soon... We're celebrating 25 years of excellence at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre with an exciting debut later this month - stay tuned! #WhateverItTakes #cardiology #cardiovascular #machinelearning #heartmonth #hearthealth #science #medicine https://t.co/XSCwGaeeel
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Real-Time Radiation Tracking Unlocks Safer Cancer Treatment
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Google will soon translate your doctor’s terrible handwriting
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Nano-robot antibodies that fight cancer enter first human drug trial
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iOS 16.2 adds new Sleep widget for your Lock Screen, Medications widget also coming soon
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Remarkable new tech can diagnose illnesses from the sound of your voice
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NEW ARTICLE Primer in the interest of #MachineLearning for sports rehabilitation & sports and exercise medicine @PascalEdouard42 @EvertVerhagen @LaurentNavarro5 more information will come soon on this topic FREE ACCESS: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1fXFc6govhUeWT https://t.co/UYskyxgLgM
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Your Apple Watch Will Soon Actually Track Your Sleep - CNET
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You’ll be injecting robots into your bloodstream to fight disease soon
@neowin.net 2 years ago
Amazon Care now available across America, in-person medical services in select cities
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Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink aims for clinical trials
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Graduating soon and looking for an exciting #postdoc research opportunity in #AI and #MedicalImaging? Come join our team in @PennRadiology @UPennIBI @CBICAannounce to work with us on #cancerimaging and #machinelearning https://www.indeed.com/job/postdoc-machine-learning-medical-imaging-university-pennsylvania-f532f4f178e26ef6
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Dental Clinic in Ontario to Accept Cryptocurrency for Its Services
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We have an opening for a postdoc focused on #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning, #radiomics, medical image analysis in colorectal cancers, part of a multi-institutional project. Please reach out -- we are looking for someone who can start soon! @CCIPD_Case @MiccaiStudents
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CDC COVID-19 vaccinated guidance: Complex situation, simple action
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US regulators OK genetically modified pig for food, drugs
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Coronavirus vaccinations to start as soon as Monday, but Pfizer drug supply will be limited
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Your elderly cat’s tooth disease may soon be treatable
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Apple Watch ECG, AFib features coming to South Korea soon
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The best sign yet that a second round of $1,200 checks could be coming soon
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Still too soon to try altering human embryo DNA, panel says
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Microscopic robots may soon invade your body whether you like it or not
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Blockchain Tech May Soon Fuel Medical Tourism in South Korea
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NASA reveals 8 US companies that will make its COVID-19 ventilator
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Cyprus Hospital to Deploy DLT-Based Medical Data Management
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A revolutionary new coronavirus drug might be ready this summer
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UPS will use drones to deliver prescriptions to retirees in Flordia
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New Ring Alarm home security system with 1-touch buttons for police, fire, and medical emergencies coming soon
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Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Illness Spotlights Controversial Standby
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The latest in @BalanceTracking normative data coming out soon in @WileyEngineer Medical Devices and Sensors journal. Accepted without revisions! #BTrackAssess #mCTSIB #BigData @elise14b @MotoTherapist https://t.co/HLlFu7vbxm
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MIT Develops Cheap, Open Source Ventilator for Coronavirus Treatment
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Drone delivery: Medical supplies will soon be flying around San Diego
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UPS and Matternet will soon begin delivering medical supplies via drone at UC San Diego Health
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Two exciting postdoc positions on #MachineLearning in Medicine in my lab at @ETH Zürich @ Basel, initially for 1 year, supervised by @Pseudomanifold and @Jutzeler_Cathy! Ideally, positions should be started very soon. Thanks for RT! @AGKBorgwardt @ETH_BSSE https://twitter.com/pseudomanifold/status/1197544334222082049
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New cardiology A.I. knows if you’ll die soon. Doctors can’t explain how it works
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UK biotech startup Mogrify injects $16M to get novel cell therapies to market soon
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MediLiVes Airdrop Ending soon! MediLiVes team has immense pleasure to declares the Airdrop to be finishing on October 2nd, 2019 at 11:59 pm (mid-night) London time. #MediLiVes #MLIV #Blockchain #Bigdata #AI #Telemedicine #Healthcare #Medical #Airdrop https://t.co/R83xTeiDjP
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Alphabet’s Wing drones will soon deliver FedEx and Walgreens packages
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#Crypto tech may improve the future of medicine. #BigData #MachineLearning #IoT & #Blockchain based #healthcare concepts will find their way into our #medicine cabinets and onto our mobiles soon enough! #cryptopharmaceuticals. http://bit.ly/2KOVAL5 @EurekAlert @uni_copenhagen
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Form's Swim Goggles display heart rate data in the pool