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There’s an electric salt spoon that adds umami flavor
@macrumors.com 3 months ago
Apple Pitches Vision Pro as Healthcare Solution
@zdnet.com 11 months ago
Google's MedPaLM emphasizes human clinicians in medical AI
@tech.eu 11 months ago
Austria's Piur Imaging raises €4.9 million to bring vendor-independent tomographic 3D ultrasound solution to the US
Simplifying Compliance in the MedTech Industry: The AI-Powered Solution by Formly.ai
@danilop 12 months ago
Improve Patient Safety Intelligence Using AWS AI/ML Services Interesting solution for automated analysis of medication-related patient safety reports https://buff.ly/3PDNirp #AWS #MachineLearning #ML #HealthTech https://t.co/ow5gAYH4uY
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Euro-Center Selects DIDWW's Two-Way SIP Trunking Solution
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Researchers are using sound-waves and holograms to instantly mold tiny 3D shapes
@kiranshaw 1 year ago
Bad handwriting can prove fatal if a handwritten prescription is misread by the chemist. Good to know that @Google is working on #AI #MachineLearning based solution to help identify medicines in difficult-to-read handwritten prescriptions. https://bit.ly/3veUOgC
@mobilesyrup.com 1 year ago
Google developing Lens feature to decode doctors’ handwriting
@neowin.net 1 year ago
Google can now decode doctors' bad handwriting thanks to AI
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Revolutionary smart glasses let deaf people see conversations in real-time
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Weedmaps for Business debuts as a SaaS suite for cannabis retailers and brands
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Urgent medicine recall: Check your home for these 63 recalled medicines
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Wearable arm muscles could help overcome upper body injuries
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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
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Saudi Arabia Medical Institution Implements Blockchain-Based ‘Digital Credentialing Solution’
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Bottles of lidocaine sold for pain relief recalled over super potency
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How breaking down a medicine to its atomic parts can help fight counterfeits
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What happens when you combine a medical student who has spent hours doing chart review with a data scientist? A Natural Language Processing (#NLP) solution to automate the chart review process! #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #HealthTech https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/v-labs-learnings-intersection-healthcare-data-science-kumaresan
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Overstock Touts Voatz Blockchain Voting App as Solution to US Election Fracas
@tech.eu 3 years ago
Belfast-based Diaceutics raises £4 million to speed up diagnostic testing for new drugs
@tech.eu 3 years ago
French startup inHEART raises €3.7 million to improve cardiac treatments with medical imaging and AI
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Google and Mount Sinai use Nest Cams to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients
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FDA warns dangerous chlorine dioxide products won’t cure COVID-19
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Isolation Projects 1. Become #DataScience expert 2. Learn to play electric #guitar 🤘 3. Publish more books 4. Find solution to America's #healthcare problem 5. Design perfect #cannabis medication for treatment of #inflammation 6. Finalize my autobiography 7. Smile every day
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Powered by @Intel, a new MDI solution from @sickbayMIC and @Cisco is enabling data-driven medicine and patient-centered care at scale, helping realize the potential of emerging tech and #BigData to transform #healthcare. https://bit.ly/3bbSZ8p https://t.co/CY8WIeqqIz
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Belgian blockchain startup SettleMint raises €1.9 million to expand internationally
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
The first U.S. clinical trial of using an in-brain chip to fight opioid addiction is now underway
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
WW launches Kurbo, a hotly debated ‘healthy eating’ app aimed at kids
@tech.eu 4 years ago
Norwegian startup SafetyWing gets over €3 million in seed money to open the borders for global medical insurance coverage
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Apple boosts health expertise with children’s asthma tracking startup acquisition
@wired.com 5 years ago
Theranos and the Real Lesson of Storefont Medical Hacks
@cointelegraph.com 5 years ago
South Korean Hospital to Create Blockchain Medical Data Management Platform
@venturebeat.com 5 years ago
Lively Mobile Plus wearable gives seniors LTE and 80 hours of fall detection
@MSFTImagine 5 years ago
#FlashbackFriday to 2014 #ImagineCup champs, @Eyenaemia, for their #MachineLearning cloud solution to help detect anaemia using a selfie. After winning, the team met with Bill Gates to discuss their project, won several medical awards, and have scaled up into a company! https://t.co/ex2mPHlMmk
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Aidoc, the AI solution for medical imaging analysis, raises $27M Series B
@geekwire.com 5 years ago
Big eye drops are a giant problem, and this student startup is challenging the industry with its solution
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Blue light turns hydrogen peroxide into MRSA super bug killer
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New Bitfury Joint Project to Manage Medical Data Permissions With Blockchain Tech
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
On-demand pharmacy startup NowRx raises $7 million Series A round through crowdfunding
@ccn.com 5 years ago
BlackBerry to Launch Blockchain for Medical Data Sharing
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Snap40 raises $8M for its AI-powered patient monitoring solution
@engadget.com 6 years ago
A French hospital is using VR as a drug-free pain solution
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Applying #THEKEY's Smart #Medical #Insurance #Payment Solution in #China: Further Reflections http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3789474 #TKY $TKY #Nep5 $NEO #Bigdata #IDV #Identity #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Cryptocurrencynews #Cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology
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‘Selfie medicine’ might help people take their pills — at the cost of their privacy
@newsbtc.com 6 years ago
Skychain’s AI Solution Can Cut Emergency Room Misdiagnosis
@WIRED 6 years ago
Implantable robots could be used to lengthen organs, a potential solution to serious childhood medical conditions.