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PDF organizer Stack is the latest app to hit the Google graveyard
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Anterior grabs $20M from NEA to expedite health insurance approvals with AI
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A key cold medicine ingredient is basically worthless
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Scientists found a way for people with paralysis to walk again
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Study finds firefighters at the World Trade Center are more likely to develop cancer
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Our series of "#MachineLearning in Medicine" summer schools features its 7th edition on September 20-22 this month, live and free on YouTube, with lots of exciting talks. You are welcome to tune in! https://mlfpm.eu/3rd-mlfpm-summer-school/ @MLFPM_ITN
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DOJ charges security exec for hacking a Georgia healthcare company in 2018
Covid testing, MIT style
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FDA warns more thyroid drugs recalled because they’re not potent enough
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New COVID-19 vaccine heads to clinical trial: Here’s the release timeline
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E-Cigarette Vaping EVALI lung injury and death count update
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Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally
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The tech elite athletes use
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Laurie Glimcher To Headline Xconomy Keynote Series in Boston in September
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UNC Health Care offers free virtual appointments to hurricane victims
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The last joke is Tide Pods
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Clinic reports Natural Cycles app for 37 unwanted pregnancies since September
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Tune in to IndieBio Accelerator’s Demo Day today
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Jennifer Doudna, inventor of gene editing technology CRISPR Cas9, is coming to Disrupt