@ronanhsieh 12 months ago
Great morning discussion with Alex @teweishieh at Chicago #ASCO23 a physician and computer scientist who will start his career at @MDAndersonNews about #Machinelearning in medicine. https://t.co/MI7RDn8VBY
@MedicaliPhone 1 year ago
If Dante were a Data Scientist #MachineLearning #deeplearning #learning via http://twinybots.ch https://medium.com/@rmattivi/if-dante-were-a-data-scientist-inferno-data-part-i-4d5ae073ff32
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Only one more week until the call for application starts! We support brilliant young scientist in #datascience #drugdiscovery #medicine and more with up to 10,000€. @PhDVoice @ResearchGermany https://twitter.com/BayerFoundation/status/1615289043880755201
@murrayfold 1 year ago
Immensely proud of our latest paper. It's definitely not just your standard "scientist builds ML model and claims it's brilliant" paper. @EPSRC_CMAC @ArticularEpsrc #medicinesmanufacturing #MachineLearning #AI https://doi.org/10.1039/D2DD00024E
@DanDepledge 2 years ago
Are you a data scientist looking for a new challenge? The Hannover Medical School is hiring! https://mhh.hr4you.org/job/view/1292/bioinformatician-data-scientist-f-d-m?page_lang=en please retweet! #bioinformatics #DataScience
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From the creators of become a Nuclear Scientist in 3 months and the 6 week to Medic program. #DataScience #Python #R #MondayHumor https://t.co/Nk9mSKpGZO
@techdirt.com 2 years ago
Impossibility Of Content Moderation: Scientist Debunking Vaccine Myths Gets A YouTube Strike For Medical Misinfo
@HEARTinMagnet 2 years ago
We are shortly going to recruit a post-doc clinical scientist/research associate with previous experience in #CMR 🫀🧲, #coding, #medicalimaging, #Dicom, #DataAnalytics & #MachineLearning! This will be a unique opportunity for an enthusiastic person to join us! @uniofeastanglia
@vedantacharya20 3 years ago
What happens when you combine a medical student who has spent hours doing chart review with a data scientist? A Natural Language Processing (#NLP) solution to automate the chart review process! #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #HealthTech https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/v-labs-learnings-intersection-healthcare-data-science-kumaresan
@geekwire.com 3 years ago
Data scientist detects biothreats using expertise in veterinary medicine, conservation and math
@MedicaliPhone 3 years ago
Everything A Data Scientist Should Know #MachineLearning #artificialintelligence #learning via http://twinybots.ch https://medium.com/python-in-plain-english/numpy-library-all-a-data-scientist-should-know-f61b159f23b1
@SVIResearch 3 years ago
Last call for 2 great career opportunities at SVI: Dr @davisjmc, Head #Bioinformatics & Cellular #Genomics Lab - Postdoc Research Officer #MachineLearning for #MedicalImaging. Dr Wayne Crismani, Head #DNA Repair & #Recombination Lab - #Data scientist pos'n http://bit.ly/1JZ6JVf https://t.co/bji912e8ks
@giessel 3 years ago
I'm hiring! Looking for a Sr Data Scientist w/a background in public health and/or health economics. They'll help define our data sci. strategy/carry out key early projects in our rapidly growing Medical and Commercial functions! #mRNA #DataScience https://modernatx.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/M_tx/job/200-Technology-Square---Cambridge---USA---MA/Sr-Data-Scientist--Data-Science-and-Artificial-Intelligence_R2824
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Do you want to learn about: ◦ Understanding brain organization? ◦ #MachineLearning for individual #prediction, #clinical translation & personalized #medicine? Then follow HBP Scientist Prof. Dr. Simon Eickhoff at @INM7_ISN! https://t.co/eNHn1WKe72
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The importance of engineers in the battle against the coronavirus
@maier_ak 4 years ago
Outstanding idea, outstanding website! A complete #openaccess journal from scientist for scientists for #MachineLearning in #MedicalImaging. @SpirosMargaris @MICCAI2020 @WomenInMICCAI @BVM_Community @SwissCognitive @Montreal_AI @ELLISforEurope @LernendeSysteme @informatikradar https://twitter.com/melbajournal/status/1230900442240049152
@itsvenu_ 4 years ago
You haven't done any data cleaning unless you received an excel file created by a medical doctor -> edited by assistant -> edited by physician scientist -> edited by couple of biology researchers -> handed to you! God bless me! #rstats #datascience #python https://t.co/tP6nnatZRH
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
Chinese Scientist Responsible for Genetically Engineered Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison
@cnet.com 4 years ago
CRISPR scientist who made gene-edited babies sentenced to 3 years in prison - CNET
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Scientist who edited babies' genes sentenced to three years in prison
@data_explore 4 years ago
First up at our Meetup is our very own data scientist, Jonathan Gerrand, with his talk: Medical Imaging within Africa: A prescription for promise or a poor prognosis? #datascience #machinelearning #medicalimaging https://t.co/38Rr3VXnIy
@HearableGuru 4 years ago
Here's How Scientist Used #AI to Convert Brain Signals into #Voice. TY @LunaticAI_ #DigitalHealth #ArtificialIntelligence #Medicine #HealthCare #MachineLearning #HealthTech @WearableGuru @AndyB_Knowles @Oaktree_Dave @KatPenno @carlosdajackal @JohnNosta https://t.co/Dnx8wJ0auq
@IBMResearch 5 years ago
"IBM computer scientist Guillermo Cecchi came to appreciate just how important language is in medicine. IBM is one of several groups now developing #machinelearning algorithms to analyze patient language." https://ibm.co/2PNQmQv https://t.co/OmA9hybPCy
@engadget.com 5 years ago
Chinese scientist claims he edited babies' genes with CRISPR
@abcnews.go.com 5 years ago
Journal retracts stem cell work by former Harvard scientist
@rudyagovic 6 years ago
Penn Medicine data scientist gives lessons for applying AI to precision medicine #DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence http://bit.ly/2D0DsYM https://t.co/PfdirTrhex
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Obama’s former chief data scientist, DJ Patil, joins Venrock as an adviser
@theverge.com 6 years ago
Google’s new Doodle celebrates the 100th birthday of Indian chemist Asima Chatterjee
@hmkyale 7 years ago
.@SanjeevBhavnani,future star in cardiology, has written great piece on #bigdata science & junior medical scientist… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/796448160394739714
@extremetech.com 7 years ago
Scientist claims 115 is the hard limit on human lifespan, but it’s not that simple
@theverge.com 8 years ago
Nobel Prize in Medicine honors treatments for malaria and parasitic diseases
@theverge.com 8 years ago
The internet probably isn’t harming kids’ brains, scientists say
@gigaom.com 9 years ago
DJ Patil joins White House as Chief Data Scientist to work on precision medicine
@ExponentialMed 9 years ago
.@MSKohn Chief Medical Scientist @SentrianRPI gets philosophical about #BigData at #xmed http://ExponentialMedicine.com/Kohn
@gigaom.com 9 years ago
With Enlitic, a veteran data scientist plans to fight disease using deep learning