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Madrona continues to back Ovation.io as Boston startup raises $21.5M for its lab software platform
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Swedish medtech startup Mendi crowdfunds €3 million for neurofeedback device
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NASA’s Coronavirus Ventilator Gets FDA Approval
A healthy understanding
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#SouthKorea uses #AIforGood and #BigData in its fight against #corona: "Government-run health services receive information on the person's contacts, making it easier to track those whom s/he had met during that time, and bring them under observation and medical tests." https://twitter.com/TamaraMcCleary/status/1241470638973497344
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Future medical implants could be charged through the skin using sound
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Most Medical Imaging Devices Run Outdated Operating Systems
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Ads on Facebook are spreading misinformation about anti-HIV drugs
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Facebook let anti-vaxxers run rampant with misinformation ads, because money
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This hip-hugging exosuit uses AI to make walking and running easier
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In 2007, I joined @NatureMedicine as its News Editor and it's amazing how much medicine has evolved since then. In the last half year we've run stories on personalized #antisense therapies, in utero #genetherapy & #MachineLearning in psychiatry. I would never have imagined this.
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Tiny vibration-powered robots could repair your body from the inside
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The tech elite athletes use
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Feeling ‘burned out’ is now an official medical diagnosis
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Google targets misleading anti-abortion ads by certifying advertisers
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Woman complaining of eye pain had four live bees in her eye, doctors say
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Nurse-1-1 lets you text a nurse for health info, learn if a doctor is needed
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Balderton joins $30M Series D for big data biotech platform play, Sophia Genetics
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Go ahead and cry — your tears might power the batteries of the future
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A private clinic in Botswana has started receiving bitcoin as payment for treatment
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How AI startups and tech giants collaborate to do good deeds
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Troubled blood-testing company Theranos earned precisely nothing in 2015 and 2016
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RT @PulpLibrarian: "Doctor, what can you prescribe for pop? Run for elected office? Really?"Thorazine advert "for the agitated, bell… https://t.co/FPQaLlUgY2
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Microsoft’s LinkedIn open-sources Bluepill for testing iOS apps
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FDA: Hackers could take control of connected cardiac devices
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This 20-cent whirligig toy can replace a $1,000 medical centrifuge
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‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole
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RT @darth: wow good thing ben carson didnt run for president https://twitter.com/rebeccagberg/status/798565554592346112
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Why the C-suite should focus on optimization and creating a culture of experimentation
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Please disregard this video about 3D printing your next motorcycle helmet
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GDC 2016: 'Hearts Medicine: Time to Heal' Brings a Plot Line to Time Management
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Stratio’s LinkSquare can scan your food or drugs to test their authenticity
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Medical Office Software Maker Kareo Raises $55M
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RT @IlyaGridneff: #Athens pharmacist shows me list of medicine she's run out of due to capital controls #Greece #greferendum http://t.co/N6D0yQfEd3
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RT @nickkounis: Greek economy close to collapse as food and medicine run short | World news | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/03/greece-economy-collapse-close-food-medicine-shortage
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Apple makes ethics board approval mandatory for all medical research apps
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RT @thecrimson: Report of a dozen monkey deaths from 1999 to 2011 brings additional scrutiny to #Harvard-run medical center. http://ow.ly/Lkh4Q
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US scientists can soon run experiments on stronger marijuana