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AI-powered ‘deep medicine’ could transform healthcare in the NHS
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Robitussin Recall: How to Find Effective and Safe Cold Medicine - CNET
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Robitussin Recall: How to Find Safe Cough and Flu Medicine - CNET
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Apple Details Using Vision Pro With Certain Medical Conditions
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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Genome Sequenced
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Asimily Integrates With CCM® for IoT Security Monitoring for Healthcare
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Awesome talk by rising star Anna Zapaishchykova on survival risk modeling of #pLGG at #pedSNO2023 @NeuroOnc @CBTNetwork @BenjaminKannMD #datascience #medicalAI #womeninscience #womeninstem https://t.co/aDp1xtYQxL
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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes and associated risk factors in a medicare population without prior CVD history: an analysis using statistical and #MachineLearning algorithms @LHCHFT @LJMU_Health @LivHPartners @LivuniILCaMS https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11739-023-03297-6 https://t.co/EF1kSYN78v
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The Trade-Offs for Privacy in a Post-Dobbs Era
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Experts fear that medicine may be at risk of losing a critically needed new drug because agricultural chemistry has once again deployed a similar compound first. https://wired.trib.al/oTaOXmr : Getty Images https://t.co/IIF0Gls3yK
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AT&T launches medical radar device that monitors older adults through walls
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#ArtificialIntelligence & #ProstateCancer: Risk Stratification After Primary Therapy, ADT Treatment Intensification, and Evaluation of Metastatic Disease #AI #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DL #Algorithm #Data #HealthCare #HealthTech #MedicalTech https://buff.ly/3mA90jE https://t.co/7gSj15LCt0
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What We Know About the Updated COVID Boosters - CNET
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Blood Pressure Medicine Recall: Discuss the Risks With Your Doctor - CNET
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MedCrypt lands $25M injection to secure vulnerable medical devices
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Health insurer Medibank's data breach diagnosis keeps getting worse
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AI Tool Can Scan a Retina, Predict Heart Disease Risk in Under a Minute
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Flaw in the VA Medical Records Platform May Put Patients at Risk
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Some recent studies we've carried out looking at the medical literature that have applied #MachineLearning for prediction Conduct -> https://tinyurl.com/44444rx9 Reporting -> https://tinyurl.com/bdcs9rma Risk of bias -> https://tinyurl.com/ynbxh2pz #statstwitter #medtwitter #openscience https://t.co/XnYkAuIp5f
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Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Kidney Injury, Study Finds
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Petros Drineas: Prof./Assoc. Head of @PurdueCS and the #RCHE Assoc. Dir of Health #DataScience. His focus is on genetic variation to inform the risk of disease & characterize #healthconditions and improve medical interventions and therapeutics. #Purdue #Healthcare #Research https://t.co/uFQuFq57JB
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#Suicide vulnerability index, #machinelearning model help predict counties' risk @penn_state https://doi.org/gqd8f8 https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-06-suicide-vulnerability-index-machine-counties.html
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This 10-second test could measure your risk of death, study says
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Research says watching TV every day might be slowly killing you
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Pfizer Recalls Some Batches of Its Blood Pressure Medication - CNET
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Autonomous robots used in hundreds of hospitals at risk of remote hijacks
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Pfizer Recalls 3 Blood Pressure Medications Over Cancer Risk - CNET
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When it comes to hackers, small medical practices are still at risk https://www.medicaleconomics.com/view/when-it-comes-to-hackers-small-medical-practices-are-still-at-risk #AI #Python #IoT #Flutter #serverless #PHP #java #DataScience #BigData #Analytics #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #100DaysOfCode #Analytics #Rstats #NLP #cybersecurity #zeroday #digitalhealth https://t.co/Qz7TaHF3eh
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The War Puts Ukraine's Clinical Trials—and Patients—in Jeopardy
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Texas power outages hit counties where people need electricity for medical devices
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Merck’s COVID-19 pill isn’t quite as effective as initially reported
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Drinking coffee could lower risk of stroke and dementia, study says
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Pfizer’s “overwhelming” COVID-19 pill results fuel home treatment hopes
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Very Little Is Keeping Doctors From Using Racist Formulas
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WHO recommends first malaria vaccine for kids as young as 5 months
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Coppertone sunscreen, Lotrimin antifungal sprays recalled over cancer risk
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Study finds high-fat diets help cancer cells ‘hide’ from immune system
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Experts warn taking common pain reliever during pregnancy is risky
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FDA authorizes COVID-19 booster shot, but only for some people
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Stanford study finds insulin resistance has huge impact on depression risk
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Cox regression model is widely used in medical research to assess the effect of several risk factors on survival time of patients. The {ggcoxdiagnostics} function from {survminer} can help visually assess goodness of model fit 🧐 https://rpkgs.datanovia.com/survminer/reference/ggcoxdiagnostics.html #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/3z6D7FQgL9
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#ArtificialIntelligence Detects Risk of Genetic Syndromes in Children https://bit.ly/3kMTUT6 @tweetycami @PsychToday #Genetics #Healthcare #MachineLearning #BigData #Analytics #AI #100DaysofCode #serverless #iot #womenwhocode #Algorithms #DeepLearning #DataScience #Medicine https://t.co/3gzTTRxOp0
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Zeit’s early warning wearable for sleep strokes could save hours and lives
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New CDC study shows just how big a COVID risk the unvaccinated are taking
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Millions of saline syringes recalled over serious risk, shortages expected
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A bug in a medical startup’s website put thousands of COVID-19 test results at risk
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There’s just one problem: no one really knows how the algorithm reaches those scores or what it’s using to measure risk factor. And if miscalculated, it could keep patients from getting the medicine they desperately need. : Sam Cannon 6/10 https://t.co/llyBVbMrbd
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Artificial intelligence algorithm to detect suicide risk takes next steps toward clinic with funding from NIH - Medical University of South Carolina Read more here: https://ift.tt/3zEkKm2 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #BigDa