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12 PhD and post-doc position within the "Leibniz AI Lab" an international future laboratory to work on reliable and responsible AI in personalised medicine. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us. https://leibniz-ai-lab.de/?page_id=867 #phdchat #MachineLearning #ethics
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A dozen deals on Nintendo Switch games to keep you busy in coronavirus quarantine
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New study says poop may be responsible for rapid coronavirus spread
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Chinese Scientist Responsible for Genetically Engineered Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison
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Inflammation triggered by obesity may cause brain damage
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CDC says a toxic compound may be responsible for vaping illnesses
@NatureMedicine 1 year ago
A "how to" of responsible application of #machinelearning in #healthcare and #medicine from Anna Goldenberg, @jennawiens @suchisaria and other thought leaders from @UofTCompSci @uoftmedicine @VectorInst and elsewhere https://go.nature.com/2ZhsLjj
@NatureMedicine 1 year ago
Some guidelines for responsible application of #machinelearning in #healthcare and #medicine from Anna Goldenberg, Jenna Wiens and their colleagues https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0548-6
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Cop Claims His Shooting Of An Unarmed Man Gave Him PTSD, Walks Off With A Medical Pension
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MIT develops a new sensor that could help diagnose sepsis in mere minutes
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Google reportedly disbands review panel monitoring DeepMind Health AI
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Brown U criticized for using live pigs in medical training
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Yahoo hackers manipulated search results for ‘erectile dysfunction medications’
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5 freaky humanoids in London Science Museum’s new Robots exhibition
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Former child porn moderators claim Microsoft failed to treat their PTSD
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US Food and Drug Administration to Study Blockchain Healthcare Applications
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RT @bengoldacre: One silver lining: from today, nobody in the UK can pretend other countries are responsible for our own policy failures. Good thing too.
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Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos for the second time
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The White House announces a five-year plan to fight drug-resistant superbugs
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The American Medical Association condemns CIA torture