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Researchers say #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning could enhance scientific peer review https://buff.ly/2ZMjH4c #technologynews #innovation #startups #health #medicine @BernardMarr @Ronald_vanLoon @pradeeprao_ @PawlowskiMario @enricomolinari @DrJDrooghaag @WSWMUC
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Researchers examine uncertainty in medical #AI papers going back a decade https://buff.ly/2Elmiuu @Kyle_L_Wiggers v/ @VentureBeat #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #HealthTech Cc @terence_mills @andi_staub @KirkDBorne @DeepLearn007 @ahier @IrmaRaste @guzmannutrition
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Harvard researchers developed an AI to determine how medical treatments affect life spans [love, love this picture (no mice were harmed in taking it)] https://bit.ly/35FO688 #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #DeepLearning #healthcareworkers #medicine https://t.co/BaoOLAZp8A
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Harvard researchers developed an AI to determine how medical treatments affect life spans
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Researchers examine uncertainty in medical #AI papers going back a decade https://buff.ly/2Elmiuu @Kyle_L_Wiggers v/ @VentureBeat #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #HealthTech Cc @terence_mills @andi_staub @KirkDBorne @DeepLearn007 @ahier @IrmaRaste @guzmannutrition https://t.co/rtgHJahv3N
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Engineers create a soft wearable device that simulates the sense of touch
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Microscopic robots may soon invade your body whether you like it or not
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Drug made for cats may be a surprise weapon against COVID-19 in humans
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MIT researchers show how 'Dr. Spot' could help diagnose COVID-19
@engadget.com 1 month ago
Researchers grew a mini human heart to study fetal heart development
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This phone test may tell you you’re drunk
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Scientists say this coronavirus risk factor is especially dangerous for men
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So inspiring! Researchers at @UscEllison are developing solutions to some of the world's biggest medical problems. Hear from them directly on this week's webinar: http://oracl.info/PUkS50AWoZA #MachineLearning https://t.co/aZuTbmzrof
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New #AI tool is a potential timesaver for #COVID19 researchers https://buff.ly/2YRJYwL @NorthwesternU via @medical_xpress #HealthTech #MachineLearning Cc @TamaraMcCleary @helene_wpli @jblefevre60 @HaroldSinnott @DeepLearn007 @ahier https://t.co/vYetLkCUyZ
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Researchers aim to measure the impact of imprecise medical data on AI predictions
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Next-gen vaccine from UW researchers shows promise in fighting COVID-19
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Researchers made a medical wearable out of a pencil and paper — Future Blink
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Researchers made a medical wearable using a pencil and paper
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#BigData & #AI can accelerate developing precision medicines and new therapies by assisting researchers rev up drug discovery process. Explore how #STPINEURON is helping #startups to build such soln: https://www.neuron.stpi.in/. #STPICoEs #STPIINDIA #STPIINCUBATION #GrowWithSTPI https://t.co/RJiRPwUACl
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Data software company Zegami joins medical researchers to help find the cause of #MECFS & ultimately a cure https://www.epmmagazine.com/news/global-research-team-aims-to-find-cause-of-chronic-fatigue-s/ https://zegami.com/about-us/ #mecfs #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #research #læger #labnews #bigdata #machinelearning @getzegami #forskning @UniofOxford https://t.co/yse7gEVXfY
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See how researchers 3D-print a soft medical sensor on an expanding lung - CNET
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Rice researchers advance the manufacturing of sophisticated shape-shifting soft robots
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Poor sleep quality named major risk factor for deadly heart condition
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Study finds how psychedelics cause ego death and sense of oneness
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Xanax, a common anxiety medication, might actually block coronavirus
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Researchers create the first 3D map of heart neurons
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Certain exercises linked to improved blood flow in key brain regions
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Purdue researchers create a smartphone app to help assess anemia
@slashgear.com 4 months ago
Researchers create self-healing polymer material
@bgr.com 4 months ago
Researchers found an novel way to treat snakebite victims
@bgr.com 4 months ago
A revolutionary new coronavirus drug might be ready this summer
@bgr.com 4 months ago
Brain implant breakthrough may reverse paralysis
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Homemade face mask study finds which two common materials are best
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UW Medicine to conduct clinical trial for hydroxychloroquine with COVID patients
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Pioneering #AI algorithms may be able to aid researchers in making complex medical causal connections ‍⚕️✨@IrmaRaste @eViRaHealth #HealthTech @daniel_kraft #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #datascience #deeplearning #technology https://t.co/WlmtSsH2Ao
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Nvidia launches Project MONAI AI framework for health care research in alpha
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Stanford teams up with Fitbit to develop wearables that detect coronavirus symptoms
@bgr.com 5 months ago
Researchers want to use a smart ring to predict coronavirus symptoms
@engadget.com 5 months ago
Researchers use Oura smart rings to predict onset of COVID-19 symptoms
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More than ever data scientists are required to help medical researchers by extracting relevant data. You could contribute by learning #datascience with a free Packt workshop. Head over to http://packt.live/2yGNalm and get started! https://t.co/Y0maRSdIJe
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Researchers training dogs to smell coronavirus
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Researchers Are Tapping Blockchain Tools in Fight Against Coronavirus
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#AI & #DataScience are playing an enormous role by enabling medical scientists & researchers accelerate their understanding about the nuances of #COVID19 & helping them to diagnose patients faster & strengthen research & innovation to manufacture vaccines.https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriacollins/2020/04/08/how-ai-and-data-science-are-helping-to-understand-and-tackle-covid-19/#3513915f7c84
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Scientists might be able to tell which coronavirus cases will be fatal
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The future of #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI) in medical imaging is full of promise as well as challenges. Computer vision can support researchers in diagnosing diseases and in pursuing new routes of treatment. Learn more: https://buff.ly/3aHNmyF #Blockchain #MachineLearning https://t.co/oO1Du8PL8h
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Google’s AI predicts physicians’ prescribing decisions 75% of the time
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At Stanford’s AI Conference, Harnessing Tech to Fight COVID-19
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Calling all COVID-19 survivors: UW Medicine and Bloodworks NW seek plasma for potential cures