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Google made an AI doctor that can help diagnose patients
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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
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Autonomous robot performs its first intramuscular injection without needles
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Medical digital twins secure COVID-19 data
@cointelegraph.com 3 years ago
HODLer claims to have used crypto profits for father's cancer treatment
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This common eye issue might be a sign of coronavirus infection
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CDC update requires 6 questions for all new COVID-19 test patients
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India requires all workers to use its COVID-19 tracking app
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Tackling the virus requires novel medical technology. We are proud to power the response with #IBM #AI and #MachineLearning. #IBM https://www.aithority.com/guest-authors/ibm-releases-novel-ai-powered-technologies-to-help-health-and-research-community-accelerate-the-discovery-of-medical-insights-and-treatments-for-covid-19/
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Apple COVID-19 mobility trend data released for the public good
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Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
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Endel's Apple Watch app generates soothing sounds on your wrist
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SmileDirectClub plans to 3D print 50,000 teeth-straightening molds a day
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Nurse-1-1 lets you text a nurse for health info, learn if a doctor is needed
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Blue Apron faces lawsuit from former employee who alleges violation of Family and Medical Leave Act
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This 20-cent whirligig toy can replace a $1,000 medical centrifuge
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Panasonic's GF9 is the perfect mirrorless camera for selfie lovers
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FDA issues new security guidelines so that your pacemaker won’t get hacked
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Harnessing the power of #BigData for medical progress requires tackling a number of challenges… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/803365480220258304
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The 9 most impressive social good innovations from October
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Using #BigData Correctly in #Healthcare Requires #Medical Knowledge: http://insights.thesurgicallab.com/post/102dhig/using-big-data-correctly-in-healthcare-requires-medical-knowledge #DataScience by @DavidKashmer
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Medicare is a massive pool of underguarded funds ripe for skimming. Which pisses John Mininno off, so he's doing something about it.
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You can get a sick note for $20 after Skype consultation