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The latest Apple Watch SE is matching its lowest price to date this weekend
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Gene Editing Needs to Be for Everyone
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Sorry, No, AI Girlfriends Are Not Destroying The Birthrate Or Killing Medicare & Social Security
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MLCommons launches a new platform to benchmark AI medical models
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Ransomware attack exposes sensitive data for nearly 9 million dental patients
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Review: Kinsa Smart Thermometer delivers great UX, Apple Health at an affordable price
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Shigeru Miyamoto says Dr. Mario can’t be trusted because he’s not a real doctor
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Scientists at the Desai Sethi #Urology Institute at @umiamimedicine are pioneering research to harness #MachineLearning for the diagnosis and prognosis of #ProstateCancer. The study was recently published in the Journal of Personalized #Medicine. https://physician-news.umiamihealth.org/desai-sethi-urology-institute-scientists-pioneer-research-to-harness-power-of-machine-learning-in-prostate-cancer-imaging/
@eff.org 1 year ago
This Texas Bill Would Systematically Silence Anyone Who Dares to Talk About Abortion Pills
@UWRadiology 1 year ago
Exciting news: #Radiology chair Dr. Dushyant Sahani and colleagues recently launched the UW Institute for Medical Data Science which bridges #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning and #Healthcare. Read more: http://bit.ly/3TbC9Oh #radtwitter #medtwitter #MedEd @UWMedicine https://t.co/oNiA7NyUZ0
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Eye Drops Sold Worldwide Recalled Due to Non-Sterility - CNET
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Practice makes perfect as Zurich's Simulands receives €10 million
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Data Lake Launches Consent-to-Earn Medical Data Donation System
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ByteDance takes WeChat health mini-app offline amid medical arm consolidation
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Researchers Change Blood Type of Kidneys for the First Time
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Surgeons at NYU Langone transplanted pig hearts into two brain-dead humans
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Fujitsu, Salesforce Japan Collaborate on Personalized Healthcare Solutions
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An interesting study recently published in @PalliativeMedJ looks at the use of #MachineLearning models to detect social distress, spiritual pain as well as severe symptoms in end-of-life #cancer patients using data from medical records. Read more here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/02692163221105595
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Meta admits to ‘incorrect’ moderation of posts about abortion pills
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Saudi Arabia Medical Institution Implements Blockchain-Based ‘Digital Credentialing Solution’
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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NIH says common water pill shows promise as repurposed Alzheimer’s drug
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Study finds common cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms
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Results published recently in Nature Medicine demonstrate that federated learning builds powerful AI models that generalize across healthcare institutions. #DataScience #FederatedLearning #Healthcare https://hubs.li/H0XF-170
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Desktop Metal is acquiring industrial 3D printing company ExOne
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I was recently invited by the @CosmosMagazine to take out my figurative binoculars & look at the past, present and future @ANSTO's #ncept #CancerResearch is the future of caner therapy & one can't forget #BigData, its potential to revolutionlise medicine & challenges involved https://twitter.com/ScienceAU/status/1419874429182435332
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Naturopath Sues Twitter After It Bans Her Account For Spreading Medical Misinformation
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Here’s a long list of gadgets Apple says you should keep away from medical devices
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How one founder navigated a highly personal product category and a major shift in focus
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#meet_our_wis_limes We are happy to introduce Steffi Warnat-Herresthal, a bright PhD student from @LabSchultze, who recently published in @Nature! @sherresthal works on #transcriptome and utilizes #machinelearning to support future clinical diagnostics and precision medicine🧬⚕️ https://t.co/Wcru63Kx4A
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A synthetic cell that grows and divides normally was created in the lab
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CDC report reveals how many people return for second COVID-19 vaccine
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Tel Aviv-based Ibex Medical Analytics raises $38 million, pushes forward with AI powered cancer diagnostics
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Dr. Fauci reveals which medications you shouldn’t take before your coronavirus vaccine
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Quadriplegic feeds himself using brain signals and advanced prosthetics
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Hackers are trying to disrupt the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain
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Study: Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses
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Data scientist detects biothreats using expertise in veterinary medicine, conservation and math
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Orange Belgium's 5G SA Network Powers Helicus' Drones for Shipping Medical Supplies
@thefastmode.com 3 years ago
Orange Belgium's 5G SA Network Powers Helicus' Drones for Shipping Medical Supplies
@eff.org 3 years ago
EFF Files Comment Opposing the Department of Homeland Security's Massive Expansion of Biometric Surveillance
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ZTE, China Mobile Launch Dedicated 5G Edge Cloud Platform for Medical Applications
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ZTE, China Mobile Launch Dedicated 5G Edge Cloud Platform for Medical Applications
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Amazon extends return window amid coronavirus pandemic
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Amazon has 9 new exclusive deals only for Prime members
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Surgeon General: Stop buying masks, they won’t prevent coronavirus
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The iPhone 12 release could see a huge delay if the coronavirus can’t be contained
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After MIT Find Vulnerabilities, Medici Ventures Defends Blockchain Voting App Voatz