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Why isn't AI helping us today with COVID-19?
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Medical TV shows halted by coronavirus donate masks, gloves to real hospitals - CNET
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3D printing saves lives in coronavirus supply line breakdown
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Essential #ArtificialIntelligence & #MachineLearning terms. Real-Time Health Systems (RTHS): Proactive & collaborative #healthcare delivery systems allowing quick decision making. #AI & #ML sensing & responding to the needs of the patients & #MedicalStaff https://bit.ly/3d4Q8Qr
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the advantages of #BigData in medicine are real - collaboration is the way to unlock its potential. @ProstatePioneer along with @IMI2_ROADMAP @HarmonynetEU @BigDataHeart and @IMI_EHDEN do it within the @IMI_JU @BD4BO programme. https://bd4bo.eu/ @EFPIA @ThomasAllvin https://twitter.com/ProstatePioneer/status/1227540349037535232
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Fake docs rock real docs: Ex-Wall St guy accused of conning medics out of £27m for bogus cryptocurrency fund using faked paperwork
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The device is a real biological heart whose tough muscle tissue has been replaced with a soft robotic matrix of artificial heart muscles, resembling bubble wrap. http://ow.ly/yqrd30qdznV @MIT @MassachusettsG2 #CognitiveNews #MachineLearning #AI #Robots #Heart #Cardio #Medicine
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New Website Tracks Coronavirus Outbreak in Real Time
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Many in medicine feel that #tech and #datascience isn't for them. There is a real dislike and disregard for innovation in our field. I want to change that. #medtwitter
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Overstock CEO: Crypto Investments Are Ready for Prime Time
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Google’s Dataset Search is real! Check it out. https://toolbox.google.com/datasetsearch RT @DavidPraiseKalu #datasets #medical #data #google #AI #ML #machinelearning #datascience https://t.co/0XTzueau8h
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Can #BigData eliminate the need of Placebo in near future ? “We are at a tipping point with the ability to systematically collect patient level data in the real world,” says David Harland, medical head of personalised healthcare at @_RocheUK https://www.wired.co.uk/article/end-of-placebo-trials
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Join Bryn’s talk on the need of high quality patient data from the real-world and clinical trials to address unmet medical needs. This is meaningful data at scale and it’s more than big data. #BioDataCongress #BigData #DataScience https://go.roche.com/avqdu https://t.co/z1ZocM7Buh
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Many years enjoying impressive cardiovascular medicine events as #AHA19 and every day is more tangible & real healthcare #DigitalTransformation Joint session @AHAMeetings and World Economic Forum @Davos talking about #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence and #blockchain to add value https://t.co/XZsBdqZ4RF
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Digitalized #healthcare, #bigdata & real-world evidence #RWE: How to best address innovations into #RegulatoryScience? This is one of the key questions that will be discussed today during the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities #ICMRA 2019 Summit in Rome.
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Eysenk's astonishing work on "cancer personality". If results are too good to be true, there is usually a good reason for this Highly relevant to current work on #MachineLearning in neuroimaging and Medicine. Real life is too complex for >>90% accuracy https://cosmosmagazine.com/society/is-this-one-of-the-worst-scientific-scandals-of-all-time
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Orikami to bring digital personalized healthcare to first 25,000 patients
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Badass millennial women are supercharging startup investments
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New prosthetic legs let amputees feel their foot and knee in real-time
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A Model Hospital Where the Devices Get Hacked—on Purpose
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A VxWorks Operating System Bug Exposes 200 Million Critical Devices
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Acutus, Maker of Next-Gen Electrophysiology Tech, Adds $100M Series D
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Burnout is now a real medical condition
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Theranos and the Real Lesson of Storefont Medical Hacks
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Florincoin – the 2014 Altcoin You Don’t Remember – Is Attracting Real Users
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The FDA just approved this futuristic lung transplant technology
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SAS Global Forum is all about Analytics in Action, going beyond hype and making buzzy topics like #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #ComputerVision real. It doesn’t get more real than applying #AI to medical imaging to detect and treat cancer. #SASGF cred @falko_schulz https://t.co/kqDKTM1mSA
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This Thursday, @cathycoomber and @HaslamNiall join the #AI track at @beltech2019 to discuss the use of #MachineLearning in #MedicalImaging, and what it means for patients. Don't miss 'Patient Data Made Real: Applying Machine Learning to Medical Imaging'! #Beltech19 https://t.co/KwTO3ubn5R
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Finally, a doctor game that trades medical charts for star charts
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Chinh Pham
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Better medicine through #MachineLearning: What’s real, and what’s artificial? Our recently published ⁦@PLOSMedicine⁩ article with ⁦@suchisaria⁩ and ⁦@DrAzizSheikh⁩! #PMWC19 https://blogs.plos.org/speakingofmedicine/2018/11/28/better-medicine-through-machine-learning-whats-real-and-whats-artificial/
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Researchers developed a miniature gold sensor that attaches to your teeth and monitors what you eat in real time! 🤖 #HealthCare #Robots #HealthTech #Robotics #IoT #EmergingTech #AI #FutureOfWork #medicaltech #hospitals #biotech #tattoos #sensors #MobileApps #BigData #fintech https://t.co/bD0UMx82Pb
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Eyelid glucose sensor might pick up where Verily left off
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Calling all volunteers to tackle glaring #AI issues within the #MedicalCannabis arena. Use real science to solve real issues. RTs and DMs welcomed. #data #datascience #MEDTECH #canntech #MachineLearning #bigdata #python #golang #makeadifference #Disrupt
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Google model identifies restaurants that could give you food poisoning
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The top 10 startups from Y Combinator’s Demo Day S’18 Day 2
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The Real Future Of #ArtificialIntelligence & #Cancer. #Medicine is already benefitting greatly from #machinelearning in areas from #diagnosis to treatment, & we’ve barely scratched the surface https://www.forbes.com/sites/paularmstrongtech/2018/07/26/the-real-future-of-artificial-intelligence-and-cancer/ #healthcare #healthtech #BigData #AI #ML #DL #data
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No Vital Signs Apparent at Wireless Health Specialist Awarepoint
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CAR-T’s Launch, Payers vs. Gene Therapy & Photos From “What’s Hot”
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#THEKEY's Mobile #Medical #Insurance Platform - Laying the Foundations for Real World #Cryptocurrency Usage http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3755330 #CryptocurrencyNews #Crypto #Nep5 #Bigdata #Identity #Bitcoin $BTC #BTC $ETH #ETH #NEO $NEO $TKY #TKY
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South Park: The Fractured But Whole review
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A real surgical resident breaks down medical scenes from film & TV.
@WIRED 2 years ago
A real surgical resident breaks down medical scenes from film & TV.
@WIRED 2 years ago
Inaccuracies in TV medical dramas and movies are nothing new, but over the years there have been some real doozies. We asked an actual surgical resident ...
@mashable.com 2 years ago
Biohacker who inserted travel card chip into his body gets fined for not having ticket
@WIRED 2 years ago
A real surgeon breaks down medical scenes from film & TV.
@WIRED 2 years ago
A real surgeon breaks down medical scenes from Film & TV https://t.co/ur5bNJAgys
@WIRED 2 years ago
Inaccuracies in TV medical dramas and movies are nothing new, but over the years there have been some real doozies. We asked an actual surgical resident ...