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Confirmed COVID-19 reinfection case offers a sliver of hope
@slashgear.com 8 months ago
CDC update requires 6 questions for all new COVID-19 test patients
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WHO resumes using hydroxychloroquine in COVID trial; questions raised about discouraging study
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Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information Security
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Top researcher believes an effective coronavirus treatment could arrive this year
@WIRED 12 months ago
Join us for a Facebook Live today on the role of telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic. In partnership with @Salesforce, WIRED's Nick Thompson and Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health, will take your questions. https://wired.trib.al/9lFAiNn https://t.co/RkIwsdQuuW
@WIRED 12 months ago
Join us for a special FB Live on the role of telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic this Friday, 7am PT/10am ET. In partnership with @Salesforce, WIRED's EIC Nick Thompson and Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health will take your questions. https://t.co/5dGZPt3qdp
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France is developing an app to track the spread of COVID-19
@d_shailey 1 year ago
Data science and ML have not been able to answer many of the questions relating to covid 19. We need data most importantly about how it spreads. The medical authorities need to collect more detailed information from patients via a survey. #DataScience #covid19 #analytics
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Verily's COVID-19 Screening Website Leaves Privacy Questions Unanswered
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New Blood Test Could Reveal True Scale of COVID-19 Pandemic
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Digitally disrupting medical knowledge #SPABAH20 Dr. Ponsky questions how we stay current on medical knowledge when the doubling rate for medical publications is now 73 days (from 50yrs in 1950) #PedsAnes @PediAnesthesia @PedsAnesthesia can #AI #MachineLearning solve the problem?
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Leaders in clinical and data science joined forces to investigate the answers to important clinical questions using big medical datasets at SCCM's first #DataScience Datathon! #CCC49 #SCCMSoMe https://t.co/xXQ4xr4V4b
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Study finds virtual assistants give ‘disappointing’ responses to health questions
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Digitalized #healthcare, #bigdata & real-world evidence #RWE: How to best address innovations into #RegulatoryScience? This is one of the key questions that will be discussed today during the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities #ICMRA 2019 Summit in Rome.
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When it comes to solving some of medical science's biggest questions, researchers are turning to #VideoGames and #gamers https://news.stanford.edu/2019/07/21/contributing-science-games/ #bigData #technology #MedEd #gaming #SciComm #chemistry #biochemistry #CitizenScience #genomics #mathematics #RareDisease #ioT https://t.co/2JfCPTuIyW
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UK Alexa users can now get answers to medical questions right from the NHS
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UK’s National Health Service taps Amazon’s Alexa to field common medical questions
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UK health service to use Amazon Alexa to give medical advice
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Google Assistant bests Alexa and Siri in most-used medication knowledge
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On a panel at #CogX2019 today discussing AI/ML in health and a quick mention about our synthetic medical data project. Come along and chant in Binary (Assembly also fine) and ask questions :D #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience @DataLabScotland
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From synthesizing #BigData to solving the biggest health care questions, learn how @UCLAHealth is advancing medical discoveries and patient care: http://msft.social/CmY35f
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Microbiome testing startup faces FBI investigation over billing
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Researchers partially revive pig brains four hours after 'death'
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Dow Recoils as UnitedHealth Boss Bashes Medicare for All
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"With more people turning to genes for answers to medical questions the #genomics community faces the challenge of cataloging the world’s genetic info into practical, accessible systems" http://www.mcgilltribune.com/sci-tech/removing-the-barriers-for-genetic-data-sharing-040219/ #ITRTG #technology #BigData #SciComm #MedEd #RareDisease #OpenScience https://t.co/DTBADQvXb8
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Nobel Prizes still struggle with wide gender disparity
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How one company learned to reinvent itself daily in the AI age
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3 Big Questions About AI-Guided Medicine via @forbes http://ow.ly/XNzr30bX3Wc #AI #machinelearning #bigdata… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/866812189772046340
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3 Big Questions about AI guided medicine#AI #machinelearning #bigdata #deeplearning #ML #DL #tech… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/866642401984737281
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Need some medical advice? Try asking Alexa.
@WIRED 4 years ago
A few questions need to be asked—and answered—before Tom Price is confirmed.
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The UK's National Health Service is testing out a medical chatbot as a non-emergency helpline
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Jill Stein campaign files to recount votes in Wisconsin
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RT @GoogleTrends: Top trending questions on @DrJillStein in the past day. More data at https://www.google.com/trends/story/US_cu_jRvIwFYBAAATWM_en_en-US_en-US_en-US https://t.co/kULq2y28vH
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Comedian hilariously trolls scammer to give him a taste of his own medicine
Overstock Blockchain Securities Platform Presses Onward, with Some Questions Raised
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ISIS is using Tumblr like an Agony Aunt column
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The Evolution Of The Biohacking Ecosystem
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BoardVitals Raises $1.1 Million To Make It Easier For You To Become A Doctor
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A New Class Of Worker Could Fix The On-Demand Economy
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RT @MediaREDEF: ESPN reporter tweets player's medical charts, and ethical questions erupt (@brianstelter - @CNNMoney) http://redef.it/iMon
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Medical device maker Cur adds disclaimers to crowfunding site after questions about FDA rules
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When Google Knowledge Graph Meets Healthcare
Dr. Google will show you health info right in the search results
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Google’s Knowledge Graph will soon answer your health-related questions directly in search results