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Adaptive Biotechnologies posts $26.3M in Q3 revenue, inks partnership with GlaxoSmithKline
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Q&A: Big data’s role in medicine, supply chains and smart cities
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Nuance delivers strong Q4, sees growth in Dragon Medical business
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GrainChain, Chargify, Q2, Hypergiant, NASA Tech & More TX Tech
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Six Life Science Firms Close Q3 with an IPO, More Are on the Way
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Okta Announces Q1 FY19 Customer Momentum
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Record Q1 Investment Showcases Shift to Consumer-Focused Healthcare
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Lofelt raises $5.4M to develop next-gen haptic tech for gaming, AR, VR, automobile, and more
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Augmenix Partners with Us TOO International to Stream Live Webcast and Q & A on Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy
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Overstock's Blockchain Business Posts $3.3 Million Loss
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Overstock Ramps Up Blockchain Spending With $8 Million Q1 Loss
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Overstock Spent Over $3 Million on Blockchain Projects in Q3
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HealthTap launches $99 per month Prime option, including live HD video calls with doctors