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Hugging Face releases a benchmark for testing generative AI on health tasks
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Sertraline only works for 1 in 3 depression patients, AI study finds
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Apple Details Using Vision Pro With Certain Medical Conditions
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Doctors found a way to 3D print inside the human body
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New AI tool could make future vaccines ‘variant-proof,’ researchers say
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Sorry, No, AI Girlfriends Are Not Destroying The Birthrate Or Killing Medicare & Social Security
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Apple Watch’s VO2 cardio fitness alerts reveal bigger health problems for one user
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YouTube is removing videos that promote medical misinformation under new health policy
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UPDATE➡️The free online textbook "Practical Statistics in Medicine with R" now includes an R part! https://practical-stats-med-r.netlify.app/ The print/ebook version will be published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group in mid-2024. #rstats #QuartoPub #tidyverse #dataviz #statistics #datascience https://t.co/yS8s89wlSv
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Study finds sleep coaching app can help recover an extra hour of rest
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Wellplaece wants to put a smile on dentists’ face with new supply procurement marketplace
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I literally want to cry when I saw this #machinelearning paper was accepted by Medical Care! I started it in 2018, presented at Arm 2019. Then busy with graduation, started my 1st job, then two years in my 2nd job @UTMB_SPPH this paper was finally published, in 2023! @UTMB_SCOA https://t.co/SPT6WwvhIC
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11 investors predict a colorful, if difficult, future for psychedelic startups
@dsui_miami_uro 1 year ago
Scientists at the Desai Sethi #Urology Institute at @umiamimedicine are pioneering research to harness #MachineLearning for the diagnosis and prognosis of #ProstateCancer. The study was recently published in the Journal of Personalized #Medicine. https://physician-news.umiamihealth.org/desai-sethi-urology-institute-scientists-pioneer-research-to-harness-power-of-machine-learning-in-prostate-cancer-imaging/
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I just published Modeling the annual medical expenditure for health insurance. Kindly read, comment, and clap https://link.medium.com/HwXnvRKTZxb @starboy_abefe @DOh_Bams @datagenotype @DrNobleKKurian @DrAbioye @statclinic @seunmolz #dataviz #DataAnalytics #DataScience #dataviz #RStats
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Future Fields is turning fruit flies into bioreactors
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Scientists created ‘cyborg cells’ that are partially alive, but can be programmed
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Starling Medical’s new urine-testing device turns your toilet into a health tracker
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US family planning non-profit MFHS says patient medical data stolen in ransomware attack
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Digital health startups can incorporate clinical expertise into business models – here’s how
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Study claims tiny particles in the air can cause sudden heart attacks
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This common pain relief drug causes people to take more risks, study says
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Scientists found a way for people with paralysis to walk again
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Revolutionary new cancer treatment uses light to kill tumors
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Study finds Apple Watch blood oxygen sensor is as reliable as ‘medical-grade device’
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Doctors may have found a secret weapon to fight cancer: Viagra
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Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans
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Scientists cured pneumonia in mice using revolutionary little robots
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Ground-breaking procedure revived all the organs in a dead body
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Scientists demonstrate the effectiveness of this migraine drug for weight loss
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FTC says it will crack down on medical and location data sharing after abortion privacy concerns
@H2020MyPal 1 year ago
An interesting study recently published in @PalliativeMedJ looks at the use of #MachineLearning models to detect social distress, spiritual pain as well as severe symptoms in end-of-life #cancer patients using data from medical records. Read more here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/02692163221105595
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US government says North Korean hackers are targeting American healthcare organizations with ransomware
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This 10-second test could measure your risk of death, study says
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Pain medicine recall: These pain pills have undeclared steroids, so check your bottles
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Report: Some hospitals are giving private data to Facebook
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Research says watching TV every day might be slowly killing you
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Teens are struggling to quit smoking and vaping
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Google, Apple, Meta and others call on Texas to drop anti-trans legislation
@ricardovinuesa 2 years ago
In my latest piece published in @YuanCommunity, I discuss the importance of #Interpretability in #DeepLearning models, particularly in the context of #Medical applications. We need to open the #BlackBox! More info: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42256-021-00414-y #SDGs #MachineLearning #AI #Interpretable https://twitter.com/YuanCommunity/status/1495952256533168128
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Our new paper on federated learning in healthcare applications has been published by @OUPBioinfo #MachineLearning #Bioinformatics #MedicalInformatics @achauschild @m_lemanczyk @TobiFrisch @jmatschinske @aholzin @janbaumbach https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/advance-article/doi/10.1093/bioinformatics/btac065/6525214?login=true
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Moderna booster gets some Omicron good news
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Pet supplements recalled over risky bacteria that can infect humans
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Merck’s COVID-19 pill isn’t quite as effective as initially reported
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Case report reveals plant-based diet may relieve chronic migraines
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CDC lab tests confirm vaccines are better than “natural immunity”
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Apple and the University of Michigan share early results from diverse Apple Watch health study
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Johns Hopkins study casts doubt on statins as COVID-19 treatment