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A minster's look at healthcare: Providing fertile ground for blockchain innovation
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#bequiet and #ListenToTheWaves $ocean will change #DataScience #pivoting the world of #data by providing a complete #ecosystem to buy, sell and process data. Imagine the #advantages for #Science #medicalresearch and #business #DataIsTheNewOil #innovation #disruption https://twitter.com/infected_whale/status/1293911758130700294
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Medical Device Repair Again Threatened With Copyright Claims
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Medical security startup CyberMDX raises $20 million to help hospital IT operate safely and efficiently
@imageannotation 9 months ago
Announcing: #COVID Image Annotation Services. Our human medical image annotators are providing Lung Segmentations, Bounding Boxes, and other annotations to help train COVID-19 #machinelearning models to predict outcomes and treatment needs. To Contact Us: https://buff.ly/2JIF3XT https://t.co/4TrFwYX7UX
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How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
@digitaltrends.com 10 months ago
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
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Google Opinion Rewards survey asks about coronavirus symptoms to create public data set
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Verily, Alphabet’s other money-making, non-Google business, partners with Color on genetic analysis
@CES 1 year ago
Data is revolutionizing every industry, especially healthcare. Dr. Christopher Morley of @Medivis_AR showed CES 2019 how the latest in AR and 5G are providing caregiver’s more comprehensive patient information through advanced medical imaging http://bit.ly/2Mbpwk4 https://t.co/4XGZE3Q3QW
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Aussie startup providing drone medical deliveries nets 7-figure funding
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Apple, Google, and Microsoft partner to provide digital access to patients’ health records
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Apple, Microsoft and Google to test new standard for patient access to digital health data
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Google’s SMILY is reverse image search for cancer diagnosis
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Government pledges $150 million to cancer research network that will use AI and big data
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#Healthcare #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning are providing tools to enable medical practitioners and researchers to make sense of the flood of #MedicalData. #Analytics #AI http://ow.ly/dRA230n5ih9
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Nurse-1-1 lets you text a nurse for health info, learn if a doctor is needed
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Saladax Signs Licensing Agreement with Janssen for Antipsychotic Drug Testing Patents
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Lyft Business partnerships keep growing, but Uber still dominates for business travelers
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Cytox Awarded New Innovate UK Funding for Alzheimer’s Testing
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This biosensor allows doctors to monitor a patient's vitals from anywhere
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AI is transforming medical diagnosis, prosthetics, and vision aids
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Philips intros a smart health product ecosystem
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New medical tech coming to the rescue for the vision-impaired
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drchrono brings fully compliant medical forms to the iPhone
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Google’s crisis hub project will find transit, lodging, and medical help for refugees
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Fresh Funding For Augmedix Suggests Your Doctor Could Soon Be Wearing Google Glass
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Drchrono uses Apple Touch ID to let doctors into electronic health record
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StartX And QB3 Open A Biotech Lab In Palo Alto
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Uber launches ‘Corner Store’ delivery service in Washington DC