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As highlighted by @mathbabedotorg - "#Bigdata processes codify the past". Medicine has been shaped by sociopolitical discourse throughout history, such that health #inequalities reflect dynamics in social power. Without intervention, #HealthcareAI will reproduce these harms (3/3)
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Injectable wireless chip to monitor body processes invented at Columbia University
@toyosirise 1 year ago
#AI advances in medicine. #Thread. 1. #DeepLearning algorithms have made advances in "Diagnosing Diseases" more correctly, cheaper and more accessible. 2. #MachineLearning has made the analytical processes involved in drug development more efficient & faster. https://twitter.com/toyosirise/status/1339264451971862529
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COVID-19 antibodies may fade faster in men than women
@LuisMateusRocha 1 year ago
"In the future, our review process of #BigData research will include reviewers with such specific expertise." #duh Covid-19 studies based on flawed Surgisphere data force medical journals to review processes https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/12/covid-19-studies-based-on-flawed-surgisphere-data-force-medical-journals-to-review-processes?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet
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China’s Zhejiang Processes $6M via DLT Medical Billing Platform
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to 3 Who Showed How Cells Sense Oxygen Levels
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A new #PrimaryImmunodeficiency disorder enters medical literature -brings new insight into cell metabolism & inflammatory processes #MedEd #immunology News: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/09/190916114022.htm #SciComm #technology #SNRTG -Journal: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41590-019-0482-2 #genomics #RareDisease #BigData #IoT https://t.co/SXYM7tmlsQ
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Medical device cybersecurity will be rubbish for 20 more years
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T-Cell “training” video could help fight Type 1 diabetes
@curtlanglotz 4 years ago
Such a pleasure to speak this morning to #RadISummit18 on intersection of #AI, medical imaging, and performance improvement. Bottom line: Data generated by performance improvement projects can train #machinelearning systems to support high-reliability processes. https://twitter.com/AKrishnarajMD/status/962366493764632576
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Ourotech is taking the guesswork out of cancer treatment
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AWS X-Ray gives developers a way to look into every little operation in their applications
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In applying #machinelearning to #humanbiology, one approach: cancer, other bio processes are info processing systems http://bit.ly/2eHjnue
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IBM Buying Merge Healthcare For $1B To Bring Medical Image Analysis To Watson Health
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Google, Stanford say big data is key to deep learning for drug discovery