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Study finds no link between epidural and autism
@eff.org 2 months ago
Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
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New artificial vision technology could restore vision to the blind
@TechRadar 5 months ago
Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Nasal spray might prevent COVID-19 infections
@bgr.com 7 months ago
Researchers think this drug can prevent coronavirus infection – and it’s not a vaccine
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.@RELXHQ is a global provider of information-based analytics & decision tools that help scientists make new discoveries, help medical teams improve lives of patients, prevent online fraud and money laundering, & more: https://www.relx.com/ #BigData #DataScience #AI #DataDriven https://t.co/efMEEs7hRj
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Israel Develops #ArtificialIntelligence to Prevent #Medical Devices from Being #Hacked. #BigData ty @AndNlp @GeorgeWillems1 @BViseeon @SiddharthKS @techpearce2 @RLDI_Lamy @baski_LA @Nicochan33 @ShiCooks @Fabriziobustama @mvollmer1 @CurieuxExplorer https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/157279/israel-develops-artificial-intelligence-to-prevent-medical-devices-from-being-hacked/?utm_source=contentstudio.io&utm_medium=referral
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CDC warns sniffing disinfectants and bleaching skin won’t prevent COVID-19
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Apple shares more details of how COVID-19 contact tracing will work
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A man just killed himself trying to prevent coronavirus infection
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Verily COVID-19 website will screen eligible testing candidates
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Facebook temporarily bans ads for medical face masks to prevent coronavirus exploitation
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Surgeon General: Stop buying masks, they won’t prevent coronavirus
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Could these glasses prevent strokes with the use of machine learning? #innovation #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #ml #technology #tech #research #medicine #healthcare #emergency #davidpraisekalu #deeplearning #datascientists #computervision Video credit:@QuickTake https://t.co/86RNP0nnlT
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The EU just approved a vaccine to prevent Ebola
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Eating diet high in fiber and yogurt may slash deadly cancer risk
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Facebook says it's doing more to prevent suicide and self-harm
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Microfluidic sensor could spot life-threatening sepsis in minutes
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As Alzheimer’s costs soar, startups like Neurotrack raise cash to diagnose and treat the disease
@christyclane 2 years ago
Predict, prevent and cure...precisely. This should be the mantra of all care providers ....and data is the path #bigdatamed #bigdata #Analytics #health #medicine https://t.co/uahTOzUyQ4
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#Algorithm Enables Precision #Medicine to Prevent #Strokes and #HeartAttacks. “#MachineLearning derived predictive models may be particularly suited to address care gaps for treatable conditions that have traditionally been underdiagnosed.” http://ow.ly/kJvg30oAiaR
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Bill Gates, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos fund research to find a better Alzheimer’s diagnosis
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Homeland Security warns of critical flaws in Medtronic defibrillators
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Apple VP of Health elaborates on Heart Study results, explains how Apple Watch tries to prevent false positives
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Don't Miss: Dealing with the scourge of burnout in game dev
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Johnson & Johnson partners with Apple to see if Watch can prevent strokes
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Chinese scientist claims he edited babies' genes with CRISPR
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Eli Lilly Migraine Drug Approved, the Third in New Class of Medicines
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Drug could prevent memory loss in deep space astronauts
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Forever Labs preserves young stem cells to prevent your older self from aging
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The role of AI in the future of health care
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“Predict, prevent and cure precisely,” Stanford Medicine’s Dean Lloyd Minor urges at #BigData event:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/867504008176566272
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Can a Bluetooth-enabled pill cap help you remember your medicine?
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Science panel okays one day editing human embryos
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Scientists invented a hydrogel which could be used to create artificial skin
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This new drug promises fewer days a month with migraines
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End to Illness? #machinelearning Is Revolutionizing How We Prevent Disease #tech #medicine TeraStructure #ML #data… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/797069276066775040
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Mapsquito is a game to prevent malaria built by teenagers
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Tell your dentist to suck it: there’s little evidence flossing works
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London startup ‘Babylon’ thinks its AI doctor could predict your future health
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Alphabet Gets A “V” By Renaming Google Life Sciences To “Verily”
@Hdatavis 5 years ago
Powerful cloud-based computers can crunch medical records to predict and prevent painful health issues http://buff.ly/1SRhYio #datascience
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This anti-aging drug could potentially extend a dog's life
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FDA panel recommends approving new drug that dramatically lowers cholesterol
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Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids
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Big data analytics can prevent health care fraud. Here’s how
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The White House announces a five-year plan to fight drug-resistant superbugs