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FedEx Will Track Your Packages More Precisely Than Ever
@eff.org 3 years ago
Balanced Copyright Rules Can Help Save Lives During the COVID 19 Crisis
@christyclane 4 years ago
Predict, prevent and cure...precisely. This should be the mantra of all care providers ....and data is the path #bigdatamed #bigdata #Analytics #health #medicine https://t.co/uahTOzUyQ4
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With New Cash and Facilities, Phoenix Transitions Out Of Startup Mode
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Looking forward to presenting at 9:30 AM at @Dreamforce #DF18, on Practicing Medicine More Precisely Using a Trillion Points of Data! Join us in the InterContinental Hotel Grand Ballroom A-B! http://buff.ly/2ODpSQK #pm101 #precisionmedicine #bigdata https://t.co/cjrfK1cqgz
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MIT Engineers Create Compression Bandage with Color-Changing Fibers
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Precisely practicing medicine with a trillion points of data: my #TEDxSanFrancisco video is now out! http://buff.ly/2zodrUH #BigData #EHR
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“Predict, prevent and cure precisely,” Stanford Medicine’s Dean Lloyd Minor urges at #BigData event:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/867504008176566272
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Troubled blood-testing company Theranos earned precisely nothing in 2015 and 2016
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Hemophilia ‘cures’ are proving gene therapy really is all it’s cracked up to be