Italian Red Cross Builds COVID-19 Medical Post With Donated Bitcoins
Japanese airline ANA spins out telepresence-bot startup for virus-avoiding medicos and fearful tourists 1 month ago
UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System 1 month ago
UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System 1 month ago
UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System 1 month ago
Eisai Pulls Weight Loss Drug From Market After FDA Flags Cancer Risks
@MedicalCareLWW 8 months ago
New blog post on AI and it’s potential to unlock more insights from EHR data. Free to read: #MedicalCare #HealthIT #EHR #DataScience #MachineLearning @Alexa_OrtizNC @RTI_Intl @RTI_HealthIT @DanErim_MDPhD #AOM2019
@cekahn 8 months ago
How can AI help better define "normal" values for medical imaging? Check out the latest post to the @Radiology_AI blog! #radiology #ai @RSNA #machinelearning 9 months ago
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Hackers stole income, immigration and tax data in breach, government confirms
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Congratulations to Kiret Dhindsa, a post-doctoral fellow in #MachineLearning and #AI in our lab, on his recent presentation at Canada Medical Education's 12th Annual Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Course! @McMasterSurgery @MacHealthSci 1 year ago
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