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An ER Doctor Describes What It's Like to Treat Covid-19
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You haven't done any data cleaning unless you received an excel file created by a medical doctor -> edited by assistant -> edited by physician scientist -> edited by couple of biology researchers -> handed to you! God bless me! #rstats #datascience #python https://t.co/tP6nnatZRH
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Portuguese medtech Tonic App raises €3.5 million and announces Dr. François Sarkozy as new chairman
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#Datascience solutions are reshaping the medicine industry Get immediate medical assistance using #chatbot without the need for a customer support team or a physician. Feel Free To contact us for more details: https://bit.ly/2qL6b2s #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #AI #IoT
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"The future of medicine is that the role of specialists—other than the primary care physician—is going to be diminished, because the diagnostic realm is moving toward #AI & #machinelearning. There’s just too much data & info for any individual to process." https://buff.ly/2IHi94q
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How #AI Can Help Medical Decision Making — A #ReinforcementLearning-based Intelligent Physician for Chemotherapy Treatment: https://towardsdatascience.com/can-artificial-intelligence-help-medical-decision-making-77b63f5b981c via @TDataScience #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Algorithm #NeuralNetworks https://t.co/25DelJqkp6
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How a San Antonio Physician Went From a Spy Plane to Olifant Medical
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Amazon reportedly wants Alexa to be your new in-home physician
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Parsley Health picks up $10 million to reimagine health care
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Omron Healthcare shows off wearable blood pressure monitor for your wrist
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Live at Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, #BayArea Doing keynote on #Science v. Practice of #Medicine #Data #AI #MachineLearning #IoT https://t.co/a7pRlcNNPf
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The role of AI in the future of health care
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#machinelearning #ML & #AI #ArtificialIntelligence transforming the physician / patient relationship #medicine… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/828985083642179588
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IBM Watson and medicine. CliffsNotes for a physician. #BigData and our medical future. http://sht.ag/D88E03 http://t.co/crd7iAOK9W
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M.D. Turned VC Beth Seidenberg To Talk Biotech Startups At Disrupt SF
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The story of how two physician parents of autistic boys embraced and then rejected radical alternative-medicines, finally finding their way back to science.
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Aledade is helping independent doctors thrive in a changing health care system