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Health benefits platform Accolade will pay $460M to acquire telemedicine startup 2nd.MD
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Bio Roundup: CRISPR Kudos, Bristol Myers’s Buy, RNAi Alliance & More
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This phone test may tell you you’re drunk
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MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G to challenge the Snapdragon 690
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Mount Sinai study suggests social media may help some people keep active during COVID-19 lockdown
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG has been cleared for use in South Korea
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Israel restricts COVID-19 phone tracking to 'special cases'
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CovidCard phone-free contact tracing proposed in New Zealand
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Nomad is shifting from making phone accessories to making masks to help medical workers
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Coronavirus funding bill includes a new push for remote healthcare
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Uncanny Face ID mask can deter the spread of germs, but won’t unlock your phone
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The Mateo bath mat can monitor your weight, posture and even your shoe size
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Looking for pediatric cardiologists to read 8-second single lead ECG rhythm strips for collaboration on an #AI #MachineLearning #DigitalHealth clinical trial Requirements 1. Board certified 2. Active medical license Can Read ECGs online, phone, tablet DM if interested!
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Swedish medtech Pilloxa raises $1.3 million to help patients stick to medical treatments
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Stanford's new tech-laden hospital includes pill-picking robots
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Phone app detects eye disease in kids through photos
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With a new $20 million in funding, electronic stethoscope startup Eko wants to research your beating heart
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Scientists used phone accelerometer data to predict personality traits
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Medicine Hat, Alberta will now be able to get Freedom Mobile phone plans
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Robocalls are clogging hospital phone lines, report says - CNET
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Apple Watch can help save your hearing and track your menstrual cycle
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The Morning After: Holding the Galaxy Fold
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The Morning After: Apple's keyboard apology and Samsung folding
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WATCH: How to fight the flu with your phone
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Smartphone app could help doctors detect opioid overdoses
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FDA approves app-connected digital inhaler
Why would you buy an endoscopic camera for your phone?
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Noonlight’s updated app calls emergency services when you suffer a car crash
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Your smartphone is a 'security blanket' for your social life
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For some, a DNA test produces only uncertainty about health
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#Apple announced today that its new health records service, which lets patients store personal medical data on their phone, will soon be open to app developers and researchers. By @chrissyfarr @CNBC #DigitalHealth #WWDC18 #BigData https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/04/apple-is-giving-medical-researchers-and-app-developers-new-ways-to-prevent-diseases.html
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Apple’s Health app can now display medical records from 39 health systems
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'Football Manager Touch 2018' Brings New Graphics Engine, Medical Center, and Other Useful Additions
Why would you buy an endoscopic camera for your phone?
Why would you buy an endoscopic camera for your phone?
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Hacking pioneer John Draper, aka Cap’n Crunch, needs funds for medical help
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Yep. BlackBerry is dead.
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Running iOS 10? Follow these 3 steps to save a life
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Ever wonder how much personal info #BigData scrubs off your phone? Joseph Gordon-Levitt has something for you to... http://fb.me/1ytIiykgX
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Ever wonder how much personal info #BigData scrubs off your phone? @hitRECordJoe has something for you to watch.http://ow.ly/Dywi304066E
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Spirocall measures lung health over any phone – no app necessary
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RT @scottros: @nickbilton @mat tech press better at phone teardowns than medical-tech evaluation. Lesson is to talk w/more experts outside yr field
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Apple’s first CareKit apps help you track diabetes and depression
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Scientists are getting closer to 3D printing you a new ear if you lose one
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Airstrip and IBM aim to rebuild the world of medicine
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TinyRx brings the pharmacy (and all your medication) right to you
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Vodafone’s new Android app turns your phone into a cancer research supercomputer
OnePlus gets dose of its own medicine, courtesy of Meizu