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Unlocking AI’s potential: Insights from Citi, NewYork-Presbyterian and Microsoft execs on Feb. 29
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My Memo adds some pill-zazz to automatic medicine dispensers
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Android: How to share your health details during an emergency call
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Android users with Personal Safety app can share medical details with first responders
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Android phones can now send medical data during 911 calls
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Now Android phones can automatically send medical data during 911 calls
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Millions of patient scans and health records spilling online thanks to decades-old protocol bug
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9 million patients had data stolen after US medical transcription firm hacked
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Debunking the Myth of “Anonymous” Data
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Heali’s app provides personalized nutrition guide to using food as medicine
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HCA Healthcare says data breach may affect 11 million patients in 20 states
@abcnews.go.com 7 months ago
HCA Healthcare says data breach may affect 11 million patients in 20 states
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Another huge US medical data breach confirmed after Fortra mass-hack
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Ministry of Justice rapped by ICO for old fashioned data leak
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Everyone should use Personal Voice; it does in 15 minutes what currently takes several weeks
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When healthcare is decided by algorithms, who wins?
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Ransomware crooks steal 3m+ patients' medical records, personal info
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CommonSpirit Health says patient data was stolen during ransomware attack
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Apple Highlights Its Growing Role in Promoting Personal Health and Supporting the Medical Community
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A ransomware attack on a debt collection firm could be one of 2022’s biggest health data breaches
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Health Sites Let Ads Track Visitors Without Telling Them
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Medical school exposes personal data of thousands of students
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How AI advances can enable medical research without sharing personal data https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/10/advances-ai-enable-medical-research-without-sharing-data/ via @wef #Medicine #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #Analytics #DeepLearning #AI #HealthTech #100DaysofCode #iot #serverless #womenwhocode #DataScience #MachineLearning #healthcare https://t.co/XtSbEm5kBK
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US Army medical records technician sentenced for stealing $1.5 million from veterans through DoD benefit sites
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How Intel is securing patient data through its pandemic response initiative
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A bug in a medical startup’s website put thousands of COVID-19 test results at risk
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Hackers breach UC San Diego hospital, gaining access to SSNs and medical info of patients, employees, and students
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England's controversial extraction of personal medical histories from GP systems is delayed for a second time
Leaked Google app wants to help people manage personal medical records
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BLACK+DECKER Health launches with personal emergency response systems
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How one founder navigated a highly personal product category and a major shift in focus
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Big Data Profits If We Deregulate HIPAA
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Second consecutive prize win for Team Stochastic!🥳 Challenge: Designing and developing an AI Chatbot to answer regular and personal medical queries. Team : @arghyadeepdas99 @nachiketbhuta @techno_disaster Medium Article: https://bit.ly/35VGE88 #AI #MachineLearning #vuejs https://t.co/6SYaG1AlJc
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Hospitals are leaving millions of sensitive medical images exposed online
@theverge.com 3 years ago
Leak left 243 million Brazilians’ medical records and personal info ripe for the picking
@engadget.com 3 years ago
Leak exposes personal data for millions of Brazilian COVID-19 patients
@eff.org 3 years ago
No to Expanded HHS Surveillance of COVID-19 Patients
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Decentralization: Preserving Personal Privacy While Fighting COVID-19
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Seattle healthcare workers to receive first respirators built by Ford and 3M
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Google starts showing virtual doctor options in Search and Maps
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Ads for drug injury lawsuits were a problem long before they targeted HIV prevention medication
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Telus Health expands its personal medical alert services for seniors
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Apple Research hands-on: Want to share years of personal data for free?
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Google confirms plans for a search tool that can analyze millions of health records
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Google Is Slurping Up Health Data—and It Looks Totally Legal
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Cops Now Using Warrants To Gain Access To DNA Services' Entire Databases
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The $1,500 smart fitness mirror now offers personal training sessions
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With a new $20 million in funding, electronic stethoscope startup Eko wants to research your beating heart