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Vendor that mishandled Pennsylvania virus data to pay $2.7 million in federal whistleblower case
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GPT-4 performed close to the level of expert doctors in eye assessments
ISS astronaut shows how CPR is performed in space
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Surgeons at NYU Langone transplanted pig hearts into two brain-dead humans
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Patient dies two months after groundbreaking pig heart transplant
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A futuristic robot just performed surgery on a pig without any human assistance
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Study finds better sleep happens with early evening workouts
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MIT develops medical patch inspired by origami
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Can a wearable improve memory? Humm raises $2.6 million so consumers can find out
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First long-distance heart surgery performed via robot
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Single-Use Microfluidics Could Boost Men’s Health Diagnostics
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Doctors successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor in the US
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UPS, FedEx and Amazon gather flight data to prove drone safety
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The future of 3D-printed prosthetics
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Research In Lag Time Set To Determine The Future Of Telesurgery
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