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‘Embarrassingly simple’ probe finds AI in medical image diagnosis ‘worse than random’
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Differences in data distribution may affect federated #DeepLearning model performance in medical image segmentation https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.220082 @ND_CSE @hku_science @ZJU_China #FederatedLearning #AI #MachineLearning #AIME23 #AIME2023 https://t.co/Sg0Y2jheGy
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Congratulations @NUFC!!! Qualifying for the @ChampionsLeague for the first time in 20 years. We’re proud to work so closely with your incredible Medical and Performance Department’s. #NUFC #ChampionsLeague #biomarkers #DataScience #team #recoverylab https://t.co/XnZPzzJ98C
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1/ Finetuning LLaMA on Medical Papers: Meet PMC-LLaMA-A Model that Achieves High Performance on Biomedical QA Benchmarks Quick Read: https://www.marktechpost.com/2023/05/04/finetuning-llama-on-medical-papers-meet-pmc-llama-a-model-that-achieves-high-performance-on-biomedical-qa-benchmarks/ #ArtificialIntelligence #DataScience
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In #machinelearning, synthetic data can offer real performance improvements Models trained on synthetic data ➡️ eliminate privacy, copyright, & ethical concerns from using real data @MIT_CSAIL @MITEECS @MIT_SCC @MITIBMLab #health #healthcare #medicine https://news.mit.edu/2022/synthetic-data-ai-improvements-1103
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Oxford warns mild COVID can reduce cognitive performance for months
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External validation of a widely implemented Sepsis Prediction Model shows significantly poorer performance than reported by developers. https://ja.ma/3wXhG3s via @JAMAInternalMed #machinelearning #ethics #ethicalAI #health #AI #medicine @stacymcarter
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Erectile dysfunction meds turn men’s vision blue
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Inspiration from your perspiration: Why sweat sensors are the next big thing in health tech
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New guest blog article by my colleague @DrewLevy on the importance of predictive performance metric choices when evaluating #MachineLearning algorithms in medicine: http://fharrell.com/post/mlconfusion
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New medicines could be developed faster thanks to high performance computing & #machinelearning. Read this story about an EU-supported project http://bit.ly/2Or4zRH #EuroHPC #HPC #HealthTech https://t.co/gf62ur9HCL
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Europe has a major deficit in high performance #computing. The ability to quickly analyze #bigdata will directly impact the results of industry, research or medicine. That's why we need to increase investments in #supercomputing http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #EUBudget #euroHPC #HPC https://t.co/ywpk1wJlLz
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"It’s not that there’s no effect of testosterone on athletic performance, but it doesn’t provide the kind [the IAAF] complain about."
@WIRED 6 years ago
"It’s not that there’s no effect of testosterone on athletic performance, but it doesn’t provide the kind [the IAAF] complain about."
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Such a pleasure to speak this morning to #RadISummit18 on intersection of #AI, medical imaging, and performance improvement. Bottom line: Data generated by performance improvement projects can train #machinelearning systems to support high-reliability processes. https://twitter.com/AKrishnarajMD/status/962366493764632576
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Apple previews iOS 11.3, including battery health, new Animoji, and medical records
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How fraud allegations against Outcome Health could impact the Chicago startup community
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Overstock's Blockchain Business Posts $3.3 Million Loss
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AI will help us download meeting notes to our brains by 2030
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From mechanical swans to industrial automata: Robots at the London Science Museum
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#BigData and high-performance computing will facilitate medical decision making in #cardiology… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/794203883467866112
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Tennis star Maria Sharapova was just slapped with a two-year ban for taking meldonium, a heart medicine that just so happens to be on the list of banned ...