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Study finds 20 percent of COVID-19 patients receive a psychiatric diagnosis
@tech.eu 1 month ago
Rockstart makes an exit: Brazilian portfolio company iClinic acquired for almost €28 million
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Reversing type-2 diabetes study reports overwhelming success
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Why Do 44% of Republicans Believe Bill Gates Will Use Coronavirus Vaccines to Inject Them With Microchips?
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Google admits its diabetic blindness AI fell short in real-life tests
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3 Changes We Should Make to Address the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine
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Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare companies with phishing campaigns to steal sensitive data
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Genomics pioneer Lee Hood launches new institute to fight Alzheimer’s with data and wellness
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Unsecured server exposes data for 85 percent of all Panama citizens
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Seattle’s TransformativeMed Carves Out Niche in Medical Specialties
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AI & PTSD Study found that an #ArtificialIntelligence tool can distinguish - with 89 percent accuracy - between the voices of those with or without #PTSD. #MachineLearning #Veterans #Medicine @andyjankowski @dhinchcliffe @IBMWatson News http://ow.ly/D5Vk30ouT99
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Measles cases are skyrocketing globally: WHO details growing crisis
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Antidepressant failure linked to out of shape brain cells
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Overstock’s Medici Acquires Stake in Blockchain Banking Startup
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Hospital bots are gaining ground, but user experience falls short
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Google AI can spot advanced breast cancer more effectively than humans
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Mars trips may involve less radiation exposure than previously thought
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NYU applies open source Google AI to diagnose lung cancer
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Swedish regulator ends investigation of birth control app
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Tcare’s Software Aids People Who Live with, and Care for, Loved Ones
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Parsley Health picks up $10 million to reimagine health care
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AI could help reduce the administrative costs of health care
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Overstock Subsidiary Invests in Caribbean Bitcoin Startup Bitt
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OxyContin maker Purdue will no longer market opioid drugs to doctors
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AI is transforming medical diagnosis, prosthetics, and vision aids
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Menlo Ventures banks on tech-driven life sciences, adds Greg Yap as new partner
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Eaze is moving into recreational marijuana delivery with $27 million in new funding
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Amazon slashes prices at Whole Foods to kill off Walmart and Kroger
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Far More People Than Thought Are Carrying Rare Genetic Diseases
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Medical bill advocacy startup Better pledges all of its revenue towards relieving medical debt
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Medical bill advocacy startup Better pledges all of its revenue towards relieving medical debt
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Deaths from obesity are rising worldwide
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Time to say ‘I told you so’: cannabis can treat seizures
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This smart cap won't let you forget to take your medicine
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How AI startups and tech giants collaborate to do good deeds
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Nearly invisible gel-like robots move fast enough to catch fish underwater
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Theranos starts 2017 by firing 40 percent of its staff
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Theranos lays off 41% of remaining staff
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Theranos slashes another 41 percent of its workforce
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Theranos lays off 43% of employees as it closes labs and wellness centers
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The DEA just cut opioid production by 25 percent for next year
Darknet Marketplace Issues Complete Ban Against a Drug
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BlackBerry isn’t as screwed as you might have once thought
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Leaf raises $2M seed round, launches sleek in-home cannabis growing system
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RT @monstro: “Biased data has become so common in medicine that 40 percent of therapies prescribed are later proved ineffective.” http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2016/08/the_data_for_or_against_floss_is_biased_and_terrible.html
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GlaxoSmithKline and Google’s life science wing form new bioelectronic medicine company
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GlaxoSmithKline and Google team up to create new bioelectronics health company
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Baidu slashes revenue forecast as government probes its medical advertising business