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India’s AIIMS hit by outages after cyberattack
@Primary_Immune 4 days ago
🆕COVID-19 🦠in a large cohort of "Inborn Errors of Immunity" / Primary Immunodeficiency patients. - via NYC's Mount Sinai Medical Center 3% overall fatality-rate https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2022.1035571/full #bioinformatics #scicomm #openscience #snrtg #datascience #iot #raredisease #immunology https://t.co/pq26puUWOM
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Paralyzed Patients Walk Again After Life-Changing Nerve Stimulation Treatment
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The 10 biggest Netflix movies in the world this week
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Trio of Brown University grads think elder care needs a helping hand with data
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As healthcare goes remote, Equipt Health brings medical hardware to the home
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Cityblock Health CEO Toyin Ajayi on how to scale human-centered care models
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Doctomatic is a remote patient-monitoring app which, using any medical device from heart-rate monitors to scales, allows doctors to check in on patients with chronic disease. :Gregori Civera https://wired.trib.al/80BpwK6 5/12 https://t.co/PLl8Etgl2V
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Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Helps Create Experimental Skin Swab Test
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With AI, personalised medicine is evolving to give new hope to patients with cancer. 🧬 Find out how in this new article available on Galeon Academy : https://loom.ly/X-EuVWQ Like and Share! #galeon #HealthcareBlockchain #galeonacademie #machinelearning #AI https://t.co/IQzTvcgyC7
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Lifestores Healthcare raises $3M to expand its pharmaceutical marketplace across Nigeria
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Virtual ward company Doccla raises £15 million to enable early discharge of patients
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5 Lupus Patients Are In Remission After CAR-T Cell Therapy
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Birth Control TikTok Is a Symptom of Medicine's Bigger Problem
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Flaw in the VA Medical Records Platform May Put Patients at Risk
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Roon wants to educate patients with freshly sourced info on their conditions
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Indonesian healthtech firm gets $7m dose from Golden Gate Ventures
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Patients did DIY blood draws in a new vaccine study
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How a Romanian MedTech startup helped US doctors treat refugee Ukrainian cancer patients
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#Python can turn you into a medical doctor So I spent the day analysing data of 70000 patients from a hospital using python and jupyter notebook. Cholesterol and Weight are the 2 big diff between those with/without cardio disease #100DaysOfCode #Coding #DataScience https://t.co/xL1lW6QYUL
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An interesting study recently published in @PalliativeMedJ looks at the use of #MachineLearning models to detect social distress, spiritual pain as well as severe symptoms in end-of-life #cancer patients using data from medical records. Read more here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/02692163221105595
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The fall of Roe v. Wade shows how little control patients have over medical records
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Regard serves as a “medical co-pilot” for busy physicians
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Nigerian at-home lab testing platform Healthtracka gets $1.5M, backed by female VCs
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Facebook is receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites
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2022 MDLive Online Telehealth Review: How Does It Work and Is It for You? - CNET
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Our CTO @KR_Skelly is presenting at @RecursionPharma's #DataScience meet-up today! She will be sharing more about how our data collection at Known Medicine is creating better outcomes for cancer patients. Sign up with the link below! #TheFutureisKnown https://twitter.com/recursionpharma/status/1522224198768230401
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Amazon-owned PillPack settles DOJ insulin lawsuit for $6 million
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Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital were able to predict with 83% accuracy if patients were going to be a no-show at the time of their appointment. @BostonChildrens http://ow.ly/JYJs50IXVPC #AI #MachineLearning #medicalresearch
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Everly Health founder discusses leading a startup through two acquisitions
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Musie Ghebremichael and colleagues used #machinelearning and #networkanalyses to identify cell death pathway genes in HIV-infected patients with mitochondrial toxicity, a side effect of some HIV medications. https://bmcmedgenomics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12920-021-01136-1 https://t.co/7KVWdU0Efe
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Here’s how an algorithm guides a medical decision 
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'Magnetic Tentacle Robot' Could Slink Around Inside Patients' Lungs - CNET
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The War Puts Ukraine's Clinical Trials—and Patients—in Jeopardy
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Patient dies two months after groundbreaking pig heart transplant
@insitro 8 months ago
We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with @GenomicsEngland to bring our #MachineLearning-powered embedding search capabilities to their multimodal phenotypic and genetic database to create better medicines for patients in need. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220309005401/en/insitro-and-Genomics-England-Announce-Partnership-to-Provide-Multimodal-Search-Capabilities-and-Empower-Data-Exploration-and-Derivation-of-Novel-Insights https://t.co/W7eGEQeEmI
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Doctors Transplant Genetically Modified Pig's Heart Into Human in Medical First - CNET
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Lung-health startup Respira Labs inhales $2.8M to help respiration patients breathe easier
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Data breach: Broward Health warns 1.3 million patients, staff of 'medical identity theft'
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Oregon medical group notifies 750,000 patients of breach, says FBI seized accounts from HelloKitty ransomware
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With #machinelearning we hope to accelerate the drug discovery cycle, design better molecules and ultimately get transformative medicines to patients faster. #reimaginingmedicine
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What's really happening in the medical robotics market
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Medical photography is failing patients with darker skin
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PayZen secures $15M Series A for ‘care now, pay later’ healthcare platform
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AI tool offers cure for scattered medical data
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Nico is attending the @HorizonEU funded European Cohorts of Patients and Schools to Advance Response to Epidemics (EuCARE) Project Kick-off to present our contributions to #SARSCoV2/#COVID19 research on 4 continents. #MedicalInformatics #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence https://t.co/06ORQVea3K
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Pfizer’s “overwhelming” COVID-19 pill results fuel home treatment hopes
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LightForce Orthodontics wolfs down $50M to straighten out that crooked smile of yours