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Dogwifhat To The Vet! Meme Coin Needs Medical Attention After Price Plunge — Analyst
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This smartwatch has the tech that sparked the Apple Watch ban
@FamiliarAriana 11 months ago
Great presentation by @Ali_Nabavizadeh at #pedSNO2023 about our past and future software platforms efforts to support the @CBTNetwork data repository and tool generation #bigdata #medicalimaging @NeuroOnc https://t.co/P4iTvoezMP
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A Year Since Dobbs, The Fight For Reproductive Privacy and Information Access Continues
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11 investors predict a colorful, if difficult, future for psychedelic startups
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The Future of Weight Loss Looks a Lot Like Its Past
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Researchers Block Peanut Allergy Reactions in Mice
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Apple Sues Masimo, Says Medical Device Company Copied Apple Watch - CNET
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Apple created the ultimate guide for how Apple Watch and Health are improving lives
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Google’s Pixel 4 gets a new life as its face unlock cameras are used for Alzheimer’s research
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As highlighted by @mathbabedotorg - "#Bigdata processes codify the past". Medicine has been shaped by sociopolitical discourse throughout history, such that health #inequalities reflect dynamics in social power. Without intervention, #HealthcareAI will reproduce these harms (3/3)
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People in the Amazon are raising stingless bees that make medicinal honey
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A futuristic robot just performed surgery on a pig without any human assistance
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'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski moved to prison medical facility
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CDC says COVID-19 variant Omicron is already dominant in the US
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
CDC says 2021 flu shot is vital as another COVID-19 winter nears
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Healthcare orgs in California, Arizona send out breach letters for nearly 150,000 after SSNs accessed during ransomware attacks
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BioNTech founder Uğur Şahin and Mayfield’s Ursheet Parikh are coming to Disrupt
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I was recently invited by the @CosmosMagazine to take out my figurative binoculars & look at the past, present and future @ANSTO's #ncept #CancerResearch is the future of caner therapy & one can't forget #BigData, its potential to revolutionlise medicine & challenges involved https://twitter.com/ScienceAU/status/1419874429182435332
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An insurtech startup exposed thousands of sensitive insurance applications
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Breakthrough study suggests it might be impossible to reverse aging
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AliveCor files antitrust suit against Apple over Apple Watch tech and monopolistic tactics
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Study finds light and sound therapy could help fight Alzheimer’s disease
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FBI warns Conti ransomware gang struck health and emergency networks
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India ordered Facebook and Twitter to remove posts criticizing its poor handling of the pandemic
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The answer to cancer might be these tiny robots
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Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Peter Schiff Blames Government for the Massive Dollar Depreciation — Still Refuses to Accept BTC is Digital Gold
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Winning Trust for a Vaccine Means Confronting Medical Racism
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Swiss medtech startup Bloom Diagnostics launches new testing system after €10 million Series B
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I can only imagine the #disruption $ocean will cause in the #DataScience world but let's go past monetary value and see the #addedvalue of a free #data and #dataprocessing market and the #benefits for #medicalresearch #ethereum nodes should be repurposed after the move to #POS https://twitter.com/AltcoinBender/status/1293250839797207040
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Failure to consider human factors in past technologies led to poor usability and serious unintended errors https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.2020190095 @RajRatwani @MedicalHFE #ux #ML #MachineLearning https://t.co/X5D72Rky4N
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Ketamine treatment for major depression: Study finds serotonin is key
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Get AirPods Pro at Amazon’s best price – or these hot rivals for $22
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The Misinformation About Coronavirus Coming From the White House Must Cease
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Man’s bizarre condition causes his stomach to brew its own alcohol
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Fish oil found to significantly reduce heart attack risk
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Fujifilm SonoSite and AI2 team up to add artificial intelligence to ultrasound imaging
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Another popular heartburn drug gets FDA cancer warning
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Bio Roundup: Sarepta’s Stumble, Opioid Suits, Shkreli’s Legacy & More
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With Data, Pfizer/Sangamo Step Forward in Hemophilia Gene Therapy Race
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Using augmented reality, Altoida is identifying the likely onset of neurodegenerative diseases
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Biohacker Josiah Zayner accused of being an unlicensed practitioner
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Common prostate drugs linked to diabetes: What you need to know
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Exercise during pregnancy may reduce obesity risk in children
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Safe alcohol limits just got torn up: Here’s the new advice
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Shift work health risks linked to blood sugar and triglyceride changes
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New male birth control pill passes safety tests, and it might be released soon