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Better Health raises $3.5M seed round to reinvent medical supply shopping through e-commerce
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Researchers developed ‘explainable’ AI to help diagnose and treat at-risk children
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Study warns climate change may fuel higher rates of cancer
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Belfast-based Diaceutics raises £4 million to speed up diagnostic testing for new drugs
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Most popular painkillers may be slowly making some users deaf
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Children aren’t immune to coronavirus – everything you need to know
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The EPA says these cleaning products kill coronavirus
Doctors are fighting brain cancer by growing mini-brains
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FDA approves new drug that immediately treats migraines
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White Fund, new early-stage fund for Belgian medtech, announces first close of €20 million
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Study details diet that fuels anti-inflammatory gut bacteria
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“#MachineLearning is particularly good at identifying patterns, which is deeply relevant to assessing patient risk. Risk scores are useful for communicating patient state, which is valuable in making efficient care decisions.” http://ow.ly/bAfz30px9lg #Healthcare #Medicine #AI
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Mom of two was misdiagnosed with cancer, endured chemo and surgery before the mistake was found
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#Algorithm Enables Precision #Medicine to Prevent #Strokes and #HeartAttacks. “#MachineLearning derived predictive models may be particularly suited to address care gaps for treatable conditions that have traditionally been underdiagnosed.” http://ow.ly/kJvg30oAiaR
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Hospital bots are gaining ground, but user experience falls short
@victoriatr 2 years ago
Companies are increasingly using #machinelearning & other #AI tools to predict everything from credit worthiness to personalized medicine. But the tools have big blind spots that particularly affect women & minorities. #genderbias http://ow.ly/FSVd30ngB3l
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Nobel Prizes still struggle with wide gender disparity
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Lyft Concierge, its ride-booking service for businesses, opens to all
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Your smartphone could soon be the first step for diagnosing skin cancer
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Researchers find no evidence ‘brain training’ games offset aging, cognitive decline
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RT @TomChivers: Liam Fox sounds like he's reading from the libretto of a particularly terrible comic opera about the East India Com… https://t.co/adDnYBgvUF
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RT @sparkzilla: @wiresmith @mathewi I am particularly disturbed by the new wealth of the Medici family.
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Can this startup take the One Medical model to teeth?
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New Rules For Our Health’s Digital Future
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Medical marijuana might not help ease symptoms of dementia
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Health IT Startup SilverSheet Raises $2.9 Million To Manage Medical Credentials
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Little Moe Is A Robot That Hunts And Kills Ebola