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Microsoft gives $5M to UW Medicine to use AI to accelerate response to next pandemic
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A New #DOMANE for the Pandemic Era. DTRA-JSTO is using #machinelearning to expedite the process of discovering medical countermeasures. http://bit.ly/JITN-DOMANE-T @doddtra @DeptofDefense #KnowYourMil #DTRA #JSTO #CBDP #biodefense #chembio @ArmedwScience #AI #ML #COVID19 #COVID https://t.co/uy4Th5juAv
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This condition can make the coronavirus fatal – and more than 100 million Americans have it
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Senators Call for 100Mbps Minimum Broadband Standard
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Ask your doctor before getting a coronavirus vaccine if you take this common medicine
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Medical researchers find COVID-19 can cause the death of heart cells
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Biden says US will have enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone by May
Why covid-19 might finally usher in the era of health care based on a patient’s data
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COVID pandemic causes spike in cyberattacks against hospitals, medical companies
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Now that Dr. Fauci can say what he wants under Biden, he just unloaded on Trump
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Dr. Fauci says this is the only way to end the coronavirus pandemic
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5 #Technologies That Will Transform #Medicine In Post-#Pandemic America http://bit.ly/39If27s @forbes @RobertPearlMD 1⃣ #Telemedicine 2⃣ #DrugDiscovery 3⃣ #BigData #Analytics 4⃣ #PatientEngagement & #DecisionSupport 5⃣ #ArtificialIntelligence #TelemedNow #hcldr #healthcare https://t.co/VZ6EcKQ6HV
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Digital health care: Better than the doctor's office? - CNET
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In its latest move to expand across Europe, HealthHero acquires Irish telehealth startup MyClinic
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In a Pandemic, Medical Illustrators Made Science Accessible
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CDC explains why nursing homes will still be on lockdown post-vaccine
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Walt Disney World stops adding digital facemasks in official ride photos
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AP Interview: EU regulator hopes for 'multiple' vaccines
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I can’t believe Fox News got an actual medical doctor to say this about the pandemic
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Study shows pandemic could end – face masks lower the ERN
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First vaccines, then chaos: What this medical journalist sees next - CNET
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Pandemic isolation may fuel high blood pressure, study warns
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How the Medici, monks, and the British Empire shaped your office
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Best face masks for work: Pandemic protection for businesses and professionals
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Open Access Must Be the Rule, Not the Exception
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GeekWire Summit: Telehealth experts say COVID-19 created an opportunity to reimagine healthcare
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Bio Roundup: MESO’s Miss, Pfizer’s Cancer Bet, Vaccine Promise & More
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Bio Roundup: MESO’s Miss, Pfizer’s Cancer Bet, Vaccine Promise & More
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The Cyber-Avengers Protecting Hospitals From Ransomware
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Experts warn many parents plan to skip flu vaccine despite pandemic
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Blood pressure medicines lower risk of COVID-19 death, study says
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The pandemic has presented huge challenges for #clinicaltrials, but #machinelearning techniques could help improve them, both during the pandemic and beyond. New research from the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine @CC4AIM: https://bit.ly/3hX7gIT @MihaelaVDS #COVID19
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10 million Aussie patients have taken up COVID-19 Medicare telehealth services
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Depicting regions with the most vulnerable population amid the pandemic: senior citizens per medical doctor in Europe #age #elderly #seniors #Doctors #COVID19 #DataScience #dataviz #DataVisualization #maps #rstats https://t.co/dqw6ls6Hai
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KitoTech raises $3M as demand soars for its at-home no-stitch wound closure kit
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While the world pushes back against COVID-19, Facebook has a pandemic of a different sort – medical misinformation
No more maté sharing
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WHO: COVID-19 control possible with consistency and vigilance
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. Pandemic-era, non-COVID-19 immunological research and discovery roll on... ...as the newest #PrimaryImmunodeficiency disorder enters medical literature https://rupress.org/jem/article/217/12/e20192275/152004/NCKAP1L-defects-lead-to-a-novel-syndrome-combining?searchresult=1 #serverless #WomenInSTEM #openscience #bigdata #iot #itrtg #immunology #genomics #raredisease https://t.co/8f2dy3SIRZ
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Lawmakers call for "right to repair" medical equipment during COVID-19 pandemic
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What Poetry Means for Doctors and Patients During a Pandemic
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Fauci really thinks a breakthrough coronavirus drug will be here by fall
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Telehealth got a huge boost from COVID-19. Now what?
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5G couldn't have come to health care at a better time - CNET
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When Piracy Literally Saves Lives
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Deadly DRM: Right to Repair a Life-or-Death Problem During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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Telehealth accounting for 20% of all Medicare-funded doctor consultations
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From open source to AI, tech is changing everything about the future of medicine