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Researchers grow mouse embryos outside the uterus to reveal hidden growth stages
@TechRadar 2 months ago
Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Telehealth got a huge boost from COVID-19. Now what?
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Are you safe from the coronavirus at a swimming pool?
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Fitbit Flow is the wearable’s own ventilator for COVID-19 patients
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UW Medicine sets up tents to prepare for surge of patients in COVID-19 outbreak
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The horrifying story of how we learned to keep organs alive outside the body
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Squids' Gene-Editing Superpowers May Unlock Human Cures
@MikeMcClurkinMD 1 year ago
#medtwitter If you know the fundamentals of #ML #AI #datascience #SoftwareEngineering you can operate outside of academia or traditional research pathways. Technical knowledge in medicine is at such a premium, your possibilities are endless.
@AlexandreLoupy 1 year ago
We have created medical #cyborgs @ParisTxGroup. Clinicians with strong medical background + PhD in #biostatistics + robust knowledge in methodology & #MachineLearning. Outside the usual boundaries, we now have to coin a term to qualify them: Digital clinical scientists ? https://t.co/DpshHSFcWD
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Study finds changes in Cuban diplomats' brains, but no sign of attack
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For 1st time, scientists recreate cell division—outside a cell "helps understand how cells carry out everyday activity; could lead to medical breakthroughs" #BigData #genomics #RareDisease #MedEd #sciComm https://t.co/nX6uPo8N45 #IoT #biology #SNRTG https://news.uchicago.edu/story/first-time-scientists-recreate-cell-division-outside-cell
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Ford's GoRide medical transport company is set to expand in a big way - Roadshow
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Pig brain lives outside corpse after beheading
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Apple Watch 4 ECG is already saving lives in Europe
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Entrepreneurs Thinking Inside the Box
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The Latest: Bicyclist still in hospital after cougar attack
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Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind is partnering with another UK hospital
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BlackBerry-branded wearables and appliances might soon be a thing
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An X-ray look inside the beauty of electric hybrid vehicles
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Forward, a $149 per month medical startup, aims to be the Apple Store of doctor’s offices
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Preventable death rates in rural America are higher than in cities
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HealthTap launches Facebook Messenger bot that provides fast access to health care
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The most impactful #data to #healthcare exists outside the medical system http://www.emrandhipaa.com/andy/2016/06/02/what-data-do-you-need-in-order-to-guide-behavioral-change/ #bigdata https://t.co/bNSMwg7OCN
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RT @scottros: @nickbilton @mat tech press better at phone teardowns than medical-tech evaluation. Lesson is to talk w/more experts outside yr field
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How Silicon Valley can put local businesses back on the map
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Alibaba’s healthcare unit invests $35M in a medical imaging company
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GDC 2016: 'Hearts Medicine: Time to Heal' Brings a Plot Line to Time Management
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RT @AndrewSGHall: @KerithBurke Step outside the tech bubble. @akikamozawa @dominiquecrenn in food. @drelena @JenGunter13 in medicine @pmarca
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Detecting #sepsis outside the hospital so it can be treated adequately inside the hospital. #Bigdata #medicaldevices extend examination room
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Man faces felony for using a drone to film outside a hospital window
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Man arrested for flying drone outside medical exam room