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Few transplant surgeons are Black. Giving medical students a rare peek at organ donation may help
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Dilated-Inception-U-Net-for-Nuclei-Segmentation-in-Multi-Organ-Histology-Images: Medical image processing using mac ... Lang: Jupyter Notebook ⭐️ 4 #MachineLearning https://github.com/yugantgajera/Dilated-Inception-U-Net-for-Nuclei-Segmentation-in-Multi-Organ-Histology-Images
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Scientists Discover ‘New’ Organ Hidden Within Your Face
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Researchers Change Blood Type of Kidneys for the First Time
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Scientists revived organ cells in dead pigs
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Pressure mounts on FDA to expand pig-to-human organ transplant research
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Your liver is always less three years old or younger
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Failed Pig Heart Transplant Yields Unexpected Insights
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Patient dies two months after groundbreaking pig heart transplant
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Doctors Transplant Genetically Modified Pig's Heart Into Human in Medical First - CNET
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For the first time a modified pig kidney has been transplanted into a human
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Drones Have Now Been Used to Deliver Lungs for Medical Transplant
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A doctor’s quest for more organ emoji
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The FDA OKs an Extra Vaccine Dose for Immunosuppressed People
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Tiny lab-grown thyroids hint at a new way to treat hypothyroidism
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The horrifying story of how we learned to keep organs alive outside the body
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Researchers create lung 'blueprint' that could aid organ regeneration
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Doctors successfully brought a dead heart back to life
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Drone successfully delivers donor kidney to transplant patient
@engadget.com 5 years ago
A drone delivered an organ to a transplant patient for the first time
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Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs
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Lab-made tadpole cyclopes could help with human organ transplants
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Microscopic magnets could revolutionize drug delivery
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Running iOS 10? Follow these 3 steps to save a life
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Apple will push for organ donor registration in iOS 10
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The FAA's new rules for drones are bad news for Amazon
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Researchers create invisible 'second skin' to help erase wrinkles and wounds
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Autonomous medical drones will soon transport emergency organ donations
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The bionic pancreas: harbinger of a new era in organ replacement?
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Penis transplant declared successful for the first time in history
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Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise