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Slay vampiric gods in Redfall’s new story trailer
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Google to Unveil New Health Updates at Annual 'Check Up' Event - CNET
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Ozempic, Wegovy Make for Flashy New Weight-Loss Drugs. Here's What to Know - CNET
@jamescalam 14 days ago
Trying out @pinecone's *new* sparse-dense index with SPLADE + sentence transformers for medical domain Q&A: https://youtu.be/a3-RM_u5YoU #nlproc #ArtificialIntelligence #vectorsearch #MachineLearning
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Eargo 7: The tiny hearing aids you won't need to take out to shower
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FDA Reportedly Rejected Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip Trial Over Safety Risks
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Tech Inventions That Changed The Health Industry Forever
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New study shows how #machinelearning can improve care for people with #Rettsyndrome @EmoryUniversity @PLOSONE https://doi.org/grvpv6 https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-03-machine-people-rett-syndrome.html
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New Childhood Obesity Guidelines Say It's a Disease That Needs Treatment - CNET
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We’re 5,000 followers strong! Thanks for joining us as we journey to transform #drugdiscovery through #machinelearning and data at scale to more efficiently get new medicines to patients in need. https://t.co/aR0UgSWrN1
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How Weight-Loss Solutions for Children Highlight the Complexity of Obesity - CNET
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RTWH Aachen spinoff HBOX scoops €2.3 million to address new pathways to treating respiratory patients
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Ozempic, Wegovy and the Evolving Weight-Loss Drug Market - CNET
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These investor-backed mental health startups are healing our brains
@WIRED 1 month ago
New anti-obesity medications appear to be the miracle cure for obsesity but, then again, so did Bariatric surgery at one point... https://wired.trib.al/2NhEEpx : WIRED Staff // Getty https://t.co/2JQtjJbvdE
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The Future of Weight Loss Looks a Lot Like Its Past
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Struggling to Pinpoint Your Digestive Issues? Swallow This Sensor
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Swallowing this pill-shaped sensor could help you avoid invasive procedures
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Via @IoTForAll: "Benefits: #IoT Wearable Devices in Healthcare." https://iotforall.com/benefits-iot-wearable-devices-healthcare #InternetOfThings & wearables— new #healthcare concepts. -Patient Health Access -Patient Medical Compliance -Simplified Diagnosing #FinTech #BigData #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #InsurTech
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Apple names its first-ever ‘Chief People Officer’ as part of leadership shakeup
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5G Smartwatches Could Launch Next Year With Qualcomm's New Modem - CNET
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The most popular show on Netflix in the US isn’t even a Netflix original – it’s NBC’s New Amsterdam
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Google’s conversational AI service ‘Bard’ to challenge ChatGPT
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Scientists created ‘cyborg cells’ that are partially alive, but can be programmed
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A new wave of medicines that treat obesity have been met with applause, concern, and abuse. Fat activists say they’re tools of coercion. Celebrities are taking them to get slim. Is this really the road people want to go down? https://www.wired.com/story/anti-obesity-drugs/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=wired&utm_social-type=owned : Getty https://t.co/jL7ha4OWWg
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back on Vaccine Privacy in New York
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Starling Medical’s new urine-testing device turns your toilet into a health tracker
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Bungie Expert: Destiny 2 Cheats Logged “Active Military” Patient Data
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Amazon launches a $5 monthly subscription for unlimited prescription medications
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Amazon's RxPass offers Prime members generic medications for $5 a month
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New research from @UofT scientists shows potential for #machinelearning to accelerate drug formulation making promising new medicines available faster https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/976052#.Y71jev1JB9Q.twitter via @EurekAlert
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Scientists Develop Tiny Implant That Helps Fight Cancer
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Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus are hearing aids in disguise
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Camera maker Canon leans into software at CES
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Real-Time Radiation Tracking Unlocks Safer Cancer Treatment
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SMS snafu by UK medics sends out a Christmas message telling patients they've got metastatic cancer
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A new blood test could help detect Alzheimer’s earlier
@extremetech.com 2 months ago
Scientists Discover ‘New’ Organ Hidden Within Your Face
@Radiology_AI 2 months ago
Toward Foundational Deep Learning Models for Medical Imaging in the New Era of Transformer Networks https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.210284 @StanfordRad @StanfordMed #Transformer #DeepLearning #MachineLearning https://t.co/vkN17E7Iso
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Revolutionary new gene therapy gel can heal wounds that are decades old
@predict_addict 2 months ago
Conformal Prediction opens new frontiers in biotechnology and medicine. "Predicting Endocrine Disruption Using Conformal Prediction – A Prioritization Strategy to Identify Hazardous Chemicals with Confidence" #conformalprediction #machinelearning https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.chemrestox.2c00267 https://t.co/wd9SHgSWJd
@Radiology_AI 3 months ago
Toward Foundational Deep Learning Models for Medical Imaging in the New Era of Transformer Networks https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.210284 @StanfordRad @StanfordMed #BERT #AI #MachineLearning https://t.co/ATFyMZCVZE
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Sony CRE-C10 Self-Fitting Hearing Aids Review: Affordable and Excellent
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More vitamin D helps the brain function better, study finds
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New Research Explains Why Cold, Flu Viruses Are More Common in Winter
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AI Helps Biotech Labs Generate the Building Blocks for New Drugs
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1/ @yourICM's highlights: OPEN ACCESS ~ Climate responsibilities in #IntensiveCare medicine—let’s go green! An introduction to a new series in @yourICM https://rdcu.be/c0Ih3 #Machinelearning-derived #sepsis bundle of care https://rdcu.be/c0IhZ https://t.co/9Y28DO7Bze
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New Wireless Smart Bandage Accelerates Chronic Wound Healing