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Coronavirus home-testing kits developed with funds from Bill Gates
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Data sharing is key to an AI-driven medical revolution
@PFraenkler 8 months ago
15 ways Silicon Valley is harnessing Big Data for health | Nature Medicine #bigdata #digitalhealth #healthIT #AI #eHealth https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0708-8
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Validity of machine learning in biology and medicine increased through collaborations across fields of expertise | Nature Machine Intelligence https://www.nature.com/articles/s42256-019-0139-8 #MachineLearning #biomedicine https://t.co/1pqkpmIvMy
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Big data is crucial to the early detection of cancer | Nature Medicine https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0725-7 #BigData
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If #MachineLearning and #DeepLearning #Algorithms cannot be explained, then #Medical #Researchers have NO CHANCE at discovering cures for #diseases. #Medical #Researchers deal with Neural Networks created by Nature which are more complex. ✔️#Alzheimers ✔️#Parkinsons ✔️#Cancer https://t.co/einB2HFaAB
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Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinical-grade accuracy in new research paper
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Guidelines for reinforcement learning in healthcare - Nature Medicine https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-018-0310-5 #machinelearning #datascience #informatics #ESEHDWorkshop
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Ascent of machine learning in medicine | Nature Materials #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #datascience #deeplearning #marketing #technology #science #innovation #future #news #tech #information #development #trends https://www.nature.com/articles/s41563-019-0360-1
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DFree helps the incontinent heed the call of nature
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RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M
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CRISPR Risks? Researchers Stoke Fears of Cancer in Gene-Edited Cells
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This small robotic stingray could be the future of biological bots
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SimplyVital Health Pioneers Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem
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The Elixir of Immortality May Reside Deep Within Our Brains
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Sean Parker’s cancer institute may have found a blood test to find out if patients will respond to treatment
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A major study just validated the iPhone's potential for medical research
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Your smartphone could soon be the first step for diagnosing skin cancer
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Scientists are getting closer to 3D printing you a new ear if you lose one
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Scientists use big data to discover a genetic cause for schizophrenia
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One flu shot could soon protect against any strain
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Siblings with autism rarely share genetic mutations
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Creator of 'Operation' game can't pay for his own operation