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Madrona continues to back Ovation.io as Boston startup raises $21.5M for its lab software platform
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.@RELXHQ is a global provider of information-based analytics & decision tools that help scientists make new discoveries, help medical teams improve lives of patients, prevent online fraud and money laundering, & more: https://www.relx.com/ #BigData #DataScience #AI #DataDriven https://t.co/efMEEs7hRj
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Eyedropper startup Nanodropper lands new $500k Air Force contract as it begins shipping device
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Pakistan pitches ‘most relaxed tax structure’ in the world to tech investors
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Doctors are raising money to train dogs to detect coronavirus
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Lyft's 'Essential Deliveries' will supply integral items to governments and medical workers
A healthy understanding
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Can Open Source Networks Address Medical Shortages? Feat. Bruce Fenton
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More #EpsteinSuicide revelations, this time regarding other superspies he associated with. Looks like socialized medicine big data in the UK is being used as a means for establishing #MedicalTyranny through #BigData & international Zionist money laundering https://vocal.media/theSwamp/the-epstein-associate-nobody-s-talking-about-the-idf-linked-bond-girl-infiltrating-the-uk-nhs
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Americans are taking fish antibiotics to save money
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Facebook let anti-vaxxers run rampant with misinformation ads, because money
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Verily, Alphabet’s other money-making, non-Google business, partners with Color on genetic analysis
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Norwegian startup SafetyWing gets over €3 million in seed money to open the borders for global medical insurance coverage
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Hello Heart raises $12 million for at-home monitoring and behavioral treatment for hypertension
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These aging-in-place apps empower seniors to be safe, save money and get medical care - CNET
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This is how hackers make money from your stolen medical data
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China says it cloned a police dog to speed up training
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Amazon’s newest service uses machine learning to extract medical data from patient records
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Synthorx Files for IPO to Advance Enhanced Cytokine Drugs
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We can save money and lives if we use more #supercomputers in medicine, transport or energy. But we need to have more powerful machines in Europe to process large amounts of data quickly & accurately. http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #HPC #BigData #EuroHPC #EUBudget https://t.co/1k3LXcFJzM
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JetLenses aims to save you a bunch of money on your contacts
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Gamers will speedrun for charity at Games Done Quick’s massive event
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Doctolib raises another $42 million for its medical care scheduling service
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Sharing is caring: Half of all GoFundMe donations are for medical bills
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Balderton joins $30M Series D for big data biotech platform play, Sophia Genetics
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GoFundMe raises nearly $1M for the victims of Charlottesville
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CrowdJustice, a Kickstarter for court cases, expands from the UK to the US
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Facebook’s personal fundraisers exit beta, now support raising money for sports teams & communities
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Hacking pioneer John Draper, aka Cap’n Crunch, needs funds for medical help
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Facebook clones GoFundMe with ‘personal fundraiser’ feature
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Facebook introduces personal fundraising tools, donate buttons in Facebook Live for Pages
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Yahoo hackers manipulated search results for ‘erectile dysfunction medications’
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ODG’s new augmented reality glasses are for normal people (with a lot of money)
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Digital health investors see more money pouring into #bigdata http://sco.lt/7ikjrN via @scoopit #mhealth
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One Drop’s smart glucose monitoring hardware gets a green light from the FDA
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RT @ajjaffe: News: Jill Stein's going to file for a recount in WI, MI & PA if she can raise the money—will announce on FB shortly.
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How the sugar industry bought out scientists for decades, and how to stop it from happening again
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People used a journalism database to search for drugs
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Mental Health Startup Lantern Raises $17 Million Series A Round
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Watsi Receives $3.5M “Philanthropic Round” Donation For Non-Profit Healthcare Crowdfunding
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Deep learning startup Enlitic raises $10M from radiology company Capitol Health
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Sequencing the RNA of sperm may better diagnose a man's infertility
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Pills, porn and LeBron James: Research finds a new way to spot malicious domains
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Indiegogo launches Life, a fee-free crowdfunding site for personal causes
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IBM Watson invests in personal health company
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DripDrop’s rehydration powder gets $5.6M from Sammy Hagar, the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir
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Cotton mouth: California pot startups are sucking the state dry
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How machine learning is saving lives while saving hospitals money