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Scientists found a molecule that destroys even the worst cancers in mice
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Nanopath is looking to drastically change medical diagnostics
@ResearchGermany 2 years ago
Same symptom – different cause? Algorithms help to distinguish diseases at the molecular level 🩺 Read more here http://ow.ly/Qa0O50JkC6a @TU_Muenchen #MachineLearning #Biomedicine #MedicalTech
@ResearchGermany 2 years ago
Scientists at @TU_Muenchen have now developed a new method of using molecular data to extract subtypes of illnesses 🩺 Read more about their work here http://ow.ly/WtrQ50JkC4X #MachineLearning #Biomedicine #MedicalTech
@NCIJBSloan 2 years ago
#WomeninSTEM! Don’t overlook the opportunities in the #DataScience field. Whatever your interests—molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, clinical, medications development, computer technology—this field has a place for you. Read my blog to learn more! https://datascience.cancer.gov/news-events/blog/women-data-science-interview-dr-jill-barnholtz-sloan https://t.co/eX8flLhFhr
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We're pleased to invite you to watch our new animated video "Atomic-Resolution Prediction of TPD Ternary Complex Structures by Combining Molecular Simulations with Experimental HDX-MS" https://youtu.be/dvztsShZnkY #datascience #drugdiscovery #moleculardynamics #medicinalchemistry
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Human proteins enable researchers to deliver medication directly to the cells
@KaminskiMed 3 years ago
First day of 2nd International Conference on Network Medicine & #BigData is AMAZING! Really excited & bit nervous to speak tomorrow about molecular and cellular networks in IPF to this accomplished crowd. Thanks Dr. Loscalzo & organizers for this superb conference & invite! # https://t.co/YzSxkWJuXn
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300 People waiting for the second session on #Molecular #MachineLearning – now we are highly excited to listen to Jürgen Bajorath from @UniBonn, talking about molecular activity prediction from a medicinal chemistry perspective! ⚕️🧪 https://t.co/B71Ngh8a4m
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Black Diamond Lines Up IPO as Lead Cancer Drug Nears Clinic
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2019 - The Year of the "Cell-Atlas" Projects -Massive cellular, molecular, and genomic 'GPS-systems' of the human body -my choice for the top Genetic Medicine story of the year #linux #iot #rstats #snrtg #bigdata #Meded #scicomm #openscience #technology #genomics #rarediseases https://t.co/INZp0YqoIQ
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Researchers create molecular drills to destroy superbugs
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Researchers create lung 'blueprint' that could aid organ regeneration
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Google researchers taught an AI to recognize smells
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The Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Your Body’s Oxygen Detector
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In collaboration with the @NordicEMBL, @FIMM_UH announces the opening of the 2019 call for applications for Doctoral Students in molecular #medicine , #bioinformatics , and #DataScience! This opportunity could be your catch of a lifetime so apply by Feb 7! https://www.fimm.fi/en/open-position/doctoral-students-molecular-medicine-and-bioinformatics-1 https://t.co/qjKXbYF5mi
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Teaching computers to plan for the future
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The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent
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Menlo Ventures dives into data-driven health care investing with its newest partner
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Scientists Find Molecular ‘Key’ to Killing Hearty Bacteria
This Company Uses Bitcoin Blockchain For Medical Marijuana DNA Sequencing
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CRISPR loses Nobel to tiny machines
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SCiO, the pocket-sized molecular analyzer, is making everyone angry
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Jennifer Doudna, inventor of gene editing technology CRISPR Cas9, is coming to Disrupt
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StartX And QB3 Open A Biotech Lab In Palo Alto