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Goldfinch Raises $100M for Kidney Drug Studies Now, Perhaps an IPO Later
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Popular children’s medicines recalled, but not for the reason you think
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Today's financing is key to supporting our efforts to invent new medicines for patients in need through a data-driven approach to drug discovery and development. Learn more about our work in #machinelearning and high-throughput biology at: http://insitro.com https://t.co/toYssv1Wpm
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HotSpot Therapeutics Adds $65M to Steer Allosteric Medicines to the Clinic
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A special drug combo is speeding up recovery in coronavirus patients
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Backed by $100M, Praxis Aims to Turn Epilepsy Research Into New Neuro Drugs
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CVS and UPS team up for drone deliveries to retirees amid coronavirus outbreak
Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation
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Bio Roundup: Fast FDA Approvals, Biogen Delays, ORIC’s IPO & More
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How Un-Miracle Drugs Could Help Tame the Pandemic
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A dozen deals on Nintendo Switch games to keep you busy in coronavirus quarantine
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AbCellera’s Coronavirus “Neutralizing” Antibody Leads Enter Screening
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Turkey GDP Nowcast Update (March17th): Get ready for everything but the starting point is high (near 9% as other professionals @SimdiTahmin. Our #BigData shows surging food&medicines expend. compensating so far the decline Travel&Tourism. But Get ready and rule out complacency. https://t.co/XsbEpgXCv6
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Fake coronavirus cures targeted by feds as infections rise
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Bio Roundup: Gilead’s $4.9B Deal, COVID-19 Collabs, IPO Plans & More
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In Amsterdam for a two day meeting of the Patients and Consumers' Working Party of the European Medicines Agency @EMA_News #Regulatory science #Antimicrobial resistance #supply chain challenges #patientinvolvement #ClinicalTrials and #BigData on the agenda
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Esperion’s Combo Pill for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Wins FDA Nod
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UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System
@xconomy.com 4 months ago
UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System
@xconomy.com 4 months ago
UK Reveals Plans For ‘Dynamic’ Post-Brexit Regulatory System
@UMCGlobalSafety 4 months ago
How do we reduce the risk to patients of mixing medicines? In this @TEDMED talk from 2016, @Rbaltman gives an interesting account of his experience using #BigData for signal detection. #polypharmacy #pharmacovigilance http://ow.ly/R9ie50xyyJY
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Revolution Medicines IPO Reels In $238M to Take On RAS in Cancer
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Decibel Therapeutics Strikes a Balance, Adding Regenerative Med Focus
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Revolution Medicines Maps Out an IPO to Reach Cancer’s Frontiers
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Schrödinger Sets Course for IPO to Support Growing Internal Pipeline
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DTx Pharma Raises $10.6M to Advance New Way to Deliver RNA Drugs
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Black Diamond Lines Up IPO as Lead Cancer Drug Nears Clinic
@UMCGlobalSafety 6 months ago
How do we reduce the risk to patients of mixing medicines? In this @TEDMED talk from 2016, @Rbaltman gives an interesting account of his experience using #BigData for signal detection: http://ow.ly/R9ie50xyyJY #polypharmacy #pharmacovigilance https://t.co/wfhMuIJLpr
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Allergan Wins FDA Nod for First Migraine Pill in New Class of Medicines
@AstraZeneca 7 months ago
Advances in imaging technology, coupled with #AI and #MachineLearning, are enabling us to learn more about patients, disease and potential new medicines. Read how we’re embedding data science and AI across R&D: http://bit.ly/2NQ0MQf https://t.co/REDxkgKuNd
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Novartis to Acquire MedCo and FDA-Ready Cholesterol Drug for $9.7B
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The Coming Age of Generative Biology: #Machinelearning will extract engineering principles from biological complexity and generate new molecules, gene and cell therapies, and medicines we have yet to imagine. http://bit.ly/2NQPqM3 @AndrewLBeam @gibsmk @FlagshipPioneer #synbio
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We believe #machinelearning and #deeplearning can help us make a big change in how we design new medicines. But collaboration –internally and externally – is essential to realising the potential of data science and #AI. Watch more: http://bit.ly/371dCTs https://t.co/hmVcJ2C2AF
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Roche to Pay Dicerna Pharma $200M to Team Up on Hepatitis B Drug
@EMA_News 8 months ago
Digitalized #healthcare, #bigdata & real-world evidence #RWE: How to best address innovations into #RegulatoryScience? This is one of the key questions that will be discussed today during the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities #ICMRA 2019 Summit in Rome.
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European Medicines Agency recommends licensing Ebola vaccine
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UCB Stakes Out Autoimmune Territory With $2.1B Deal for Ra Pharma
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MedCo Preps for FDA Filing as Cholesterol Drug Clears Last Two Tests
@xconomy.com 9 months ago
Flagship’s Omega Aims to Take Epigenetic Drugs a Step Further
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Artificial leaves use sunlight to produce cheap medicine
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Frequency Plans IPO for Hearing Loss Drug & More Regenerative Meds
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Google bans ad sales for unproven medical treatments
@eff.org 10 months ago
Suit Against Pharmacy Groups Uses Antitrust as a Weapon Against Unaccountable Online Censorship
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As Cholesterol Drug Aces Big Test, MedCo CEO Open to Flexible Pricing
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Jeff Leiden, Who Shaped Vertex Into a CF Force, to Switch Roles
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Laser activated microbots can deliver meds to specific body parts
@TamaraMcCleary 11 months ago
Google’s #machinelearning technology could upend how drugmakers find and develop new medicines https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-07-15/google-ai-could-challenge-big-pharma-in-drug-discovery via @technology #healthcare #healthtech #Pharmaceutical https://t.co/PoCyfouY77
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Ugandan President Backs Bid to Tackle Fake Meds With Blockchain