Prepare for a winter covid-19 spike now, say medical experts
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Excellent and highly relevant work by Julia Noothout on fully automatic landmark localization in medical images - this will be very useful clinically. You can find the paper here: #DeepLearning #MachineLearning @ivanaisgum @BobdeVos @jelmerwolterink
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#BigData & medical imaging can accelerate the diagnosis process by enabling radiologists take faster decisions on treatment. Explore how #STPINEURON is nurturing #startups to build such innovative soln: #STPICoEs #STPIINDIA #STPIINCUBATION #GrowWithSTPI
Pakistan pitches ‘most relaxed tax structure’ in the world to tech investors 1 day ago
Researchers made a medical wearable using a pencil and paper 1 day ago
Portland startup vets lead Reperio Health, aim to deliver DIY medical tests to your doorstep 1 day ago
When Piracy Literally Saves Lives 1 day ago
Shoppers are suing over mandatory mask rules, but doctors don’t buy it
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#BigData can be leveraged to predict acute medical emergencies and connect with doctors to consult for telemedicine. Explore how #STPINEURON is nurturing #startups to build similar innovative solutions: #STPICoEs #STPIINDIA #STPIINCUBATION #GrowWithSTPI 3 days ago
Doctors start seeing new coronavirus symptom patterns in young patients
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#JobOpportunity Dr Nikolaos Daskalakis' lab at the Center of Excellence in Depression and Anxiety Disorders @McLeanHospital Harvard Medical School is now seeking to fill a #postdoc position in #MachineLearning of stress and neuropsychiatric disease Info: 4 days ago
Medical device startup LumiThera raises $14M to further develop treatment for ocular disorders 5 days ago
Telehealth accounting for 20% of all Medicare-funded doctor consultations 5 days ago
Telus Ventures partners with Zebra Medical Vision to advance AI-based preventative care 5 days ago
Verizon to support 5 firms building 5G-powered tools for EMS workers
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.@KTRTRS ~with over 200 engineering colleges, skilled workforce, strong focus on IT/tech, defense & health-tech; #Telangana is home to India’s largest medical devices park. Hub of emerging tech like #AI, #robotics & #machinelearning, the state is among leaders in tech space.
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10 Interesting and Impressive #AI Projects for Absolute Beginners (with Python Source Code) By @PiProgramming #Chatbot Spam E-Mails Identifier Handwritten Digits Recognition Cancer Detection using medical data Via @100DaysOfMLCode #MachineLearning 6 days ago
The Best Veterinary Telemedicine Services for Your Pet (2020) 7 days ago
LG expands service robot deployment to hospitals
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10 Interesting and Impressive #AI Projects for Absolute Beginners (with Python Source Code) | @PiProgramming #Chatbot Spam E-Mails Identifier Handwritten Digits Recognition Cancer Detection using medical data ... #MachineLearning Cc @DeepLearn007 8 days ago
Microdosing THC confirmed effective for pain relief at minuscule doses 8 days ago
French startup Synapse Medicine raises $8 million for medical intelligence platform that informs correct drug use
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. "Med Ed" in Immunology The case for case-reports to enhance knowledge and curiosity in MDs and medical students 🧬especially cases of #RareDisease patients :-) #iot #itrtg #MedEd #openscience #bigdata #immunology #PrimaryImmunodeficiency #genomics 12 days ago
French startup inHEART raises €3.7 million to improve cardiac treatments with medical imaging and AI
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Watch: Recent #CIFARVirtualTalk w Canada CIFAR AI Chair @MarzyehGhassemi (@VectorInst) & @josephpaulcohen (@MILAMontreal) on their new project applying novel #MachineLearning strategies to medical imaging to improve #COVID19 diagnostics 13 days ago
Samsung invests in genetics-focused telehealth company as coronavirus rages - CNET 14 days ago
NASA funds small-business ideas ranging from plumbing for the moon to AI medicine 14 days ago
China Highlights Blockchain in Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 14 days ago
This UV-powered smart mask blocks nearly 100% of pathogens, pollutants — Future Blink 14 days ago
CSAIL robot disinfects a warehouse facility using UV-C light
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French-American AI startup Owkin closes $18 million Series A to make medical research more collaborative by @annieMusgrove @OWKINscience @Mubadala @Bpifrance #medicalresearch #AI #machinelearning #HealthTech #FRENCHtech 14 days ago
University of California SF pays ransomware hackers $1.14 million to salvage research
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A 2020 Guide to #DeepLearning for Medical Imaging and the Healthcare Industry. Link =>> @Nanonets_ @ipfconline1 via @antgrasso @Bru_Basile #HealthTech #AI #MachineLearning #Tech #Healthcare #MedTech #DigitalTransformation
Covid-19 spurs collaboration in telehealth 17 days ago
Go read this ProPublica story about a scheme to relabel non-medical masks for emergency workers
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These ingenious portholes can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmissions in hospitals
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Congratulations to #MSCA project #FTK for winning the @IEEEorg Transactions on Nuclear Science 2019 Best Paper Award The project showed that new processing technologies in #BigData can lead to much quicker medical diagnoses. Read more➡️
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4 Ways that Analytics and #AI help fight the #Coronavirus: 1)Medical Resource Optimization 2)Demand Planning 3)Contact Tracing 4)Situational Awareness/Response Analysis by @SASsoftware ————— #COVID19 #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #SASVisionary 23 days ago
Cyprus Hospital Ready to Store COVID-19 Test Results on Blockchain
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Data software company Zegami joins medical researchers to help find the cause of #MECFS & ultimately a cure #mecfs #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #research #læger #labnews #bigdata #machinelearning @getzegami #forskning @UniofOxford 25 days ago
Blockchain Tech May Soon Fuel Medical Tourism in South Korea 25 days ago
No, You Don't Need to See President Trump's Medical Records 26 days ago
Feds cuff Detroit man for allegedly hacking University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 26 days ago
See how researchers 3D-print a soft medical sensor on an expanding lung - CNET 27 days ago
Perseverance rover will go to Mars with a monument to COVID-19 medical teams 27 days ago
NASA's next Mars rover honors medical teams fighting virus
Six tales from the trenches of running a startup