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Among Us mod adds Joker, Medic, Officer and Engineer roles
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How SF Medic from @SourceFuse provides real-time clinical decision support using AWS #machinelearning services: https://go.aws/3fXoMwt https://t.co/9Cs4Bs0UPX
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Expecting someone to be an expert with several years of exp in Python/R/Tensorflow/Pytorch/SQL/Stats/NLP/CompVision/Spark is like expecting a medic to be an expert in pediatrics/neurology/dermatology/nephrology all at once #HRDoesntKnoWhatIsDoing #DataScience
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We are proud to announce the creation of Medic Labs! With $3 million in seed funding from @RockefellerFdn, Medic Labs will accelerate progress towards #HealthForAll with a focus on precision global health and equitable #DataScience! #DataSavesLives https://t.co/NzgQSfeqLQ
Medic! Uncle Sam warns hospitals not to use outdated IPnet freely on their networks
Boffins bring home the bacon as AI-powered robo-medic performs heart surgery on pigs
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Popular pain reliever linked to stroke risk in some older adults
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Battle medic Baptiste officially joins 'Overwatch'
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How to become the best combat medic in Apex Legends http://l.gamespot.com/6019EnCqN https://t.co/mhBDsuHnbm
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Here's what Baptiste, Overwatch's new hero, can do
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Overwatch’s 30th hero Baptiste is here to shake things up
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Confirmed: the next Overwatch hero will be Baptiste
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Overwatch teases French medic hero Jean-Baptiste Augustin
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Apex Legends Lifeline Guide: How To Be The Best Combat Medic http://bit.ly/2DHXckO https://t.co/fZkvRpuM97
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Battlefield 5 players are frustrated over this week’s medic challenge
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Hone your #Battlefield skills in our expert guide to Assault and Medic classes. Brought to you by @Battlefield https://t.co/esWtrKtGrG
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Never underestimate what a determined medic behind enemy lines can do... #BattlefieldV https://t.co/hwbzyBmsAw
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Get better at #Battlefield in our essential guide to Assault and Medic classes. Brought to you by @Battlefield https://t.co/bUad4pIxDz
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This incredible fan video asks users to join the Fortnite Medic Corps in their next team game
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‘Brain pacemaker’ could help stroke patients recover quicker
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After 40 mobile games, David Reichelt hit gold with Color Switch
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Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer voices Mass Effect Andromeda's doctor
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Audio medic! #Overwatch's Lucio is now in Heroes of the Storm PTR. His abilities http://www.gamespot.com/articles/overwatchs-lucio-joins-the-roster-in-heroes-of-the/1100-6447607/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b https://t.co/ZxfrRF5KLy
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RT @rey_z: if anyone deserves a peerage, it's harold shipman. love or loathe him, he has massively impacted the field of medic… https://t.co/ZFKN1HUfkM
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Evolve gets a new medic variant and launches month-long event. http://l.gamespot.com/6018B0T32 https://t.co/SXb6vIoZhh
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Overwatch’s Twitter teases first new character: a sniper-medic
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Medic Mobile locks $1 million grant to help community health workers in the developing world
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How an iPhone changed a paralyzed veteran's life
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Heroes of the Storm's new StarCraft Medic is a great support healer. http://l.gamespot.com/1NQ4iDp http://t.co/Mk1VoagLL5
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Heroes of the Storm's new StarCraft medic sounds like a great healer. http://l.gamespot.com/1Wlf7jF http://t.co/kwhURHHuPt