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Hundreds of TV writers call on Netflix, Apple to improve safety measures in anti-abortion states
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China Is Tightening Its Grip on Big Tech
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A great use case! @CDPHP is auto generating its #HEDIS measures, realizing operation efficiency with 60% improvement, from days of manual processing down to hours, using @awscloud Comprehend Medical, Textract, and #machinelearning modeling with SageMaker https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/cdphp-case-study/
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New sensor creates electricity from urine and measures glucose levels
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UK pharma supplier put into special measures after new IT system causes almost 10,000 missed medicine deliveries
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Engineers create a tiny wireless implant that measures tissue oxygen levels
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A new microfluidic sensor measures lactate concentration during exercise
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Australian Medical Association calls for telehealth permanency
Alumni in the coronavirus conversation
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Amazon reportedly in talks to test warehouse workers for COVID-19
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Verily COVID-19 website will screen eligible testing candidates
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Apple watchOS 5 will automatically detect your workouts
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RT @repblumenauer: Wearing my good luck bow tie for all the cannabis measures on the ballot across the country! https://t.co/GLExbOfotx
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Cannabis investor Privateer Holdings tacks on another $40 million in funding
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New probe measures electrical activity of hundreds of individual neurons in living brains
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MOOV HR measures heart rate from the head for better accuracy
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Philips' motion sensor turns on your smart lights when you walk into a room
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Spirocall measures lung health over any phone – no app necessary
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Your baby sucks. And this startup wants to tell you how much