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An autonomous vehicle called Kar-go is undergoing trials delivering medicine around London. Making delivery cheaper, more eco-friendly all while using #AI to find its route #MedTwitter #MachineLearning #automation #AutonomousVehicles #drones #healthcare https://t.co/WaEVv7k6Jh
@thenextweb.com 1 month ago
Study: Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses
@TysonLester 2 months ago
Via @Hi_TechTrends: "Big Data In #Healthcare 2020." https://htechtrends.com/big-data-in-healthcare/ #BigData making a big impact in healthcare: -Success with Patients -Diligence in Care -Lowered Costs -Effective/Efficient #Medicine -Advanced Security -More Aware Doctors #Data #Tech #MachineLearning
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GeekWire Summit: Telehealth experts say COVID-19 created an opportunity to reimagine healthcare
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Trump is making people lose their minds over his behavior this weekend at Walter Reed
@zdnet.com 3 months ago
3D printing is making a giant leap into health. That could change everything
@stigmarelius 4 months ago
#Day60 of #100DaysofCode Spent the evening working on the medical examiner data project... Slowly but surely making progress here! #pandas #python #datascience #dataanalytics
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Most popular painkillers may be slowly making some users deaf
@techdirt.com 6 months ago
When Piracy Literally Saves Lives
@idownloadblog.com 8 months ago
Tip: set your iPhone to automatically share your Medical ID information during emergency calls
@idownloadblog.com 8 months ago
iOS 13.5 beta adds ability to share Medical ID information while making an emergency call
@evankirstel 9 months ago
Pioneering #AI algorithms may be able to aid researchers in making complex medical causal connections ‍⚕️✨@IrmaRaste @eViRaHealth #HealthTech @daniel_kraft #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #datascience #deeplearning #technology https://t.co/WlmtSsH2Ao
@WIRED 9 months ago
Is telemedicine the future? Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Carbon Health, talked with WIRED's @nxthompson about potential bottlenecks to making telemedicine widely available. Watch the entire interview: https://wired.trib.al/M9lLpCq https://t.co/UQFcTlUu0T
@neowin.net 9 months ago
Lyft's 'Essential Deliveries' will supply integral items to governments and medical workers
@geekwire.com 9 months ago
Blue Origin uses 3-D printers to make visors for medical face shields as well as rocket parts
@thenextweb.com 9 months ago
Apple is making million face shields per week to help health workers
@neowin.net 9 months ago
Tim Cook shows off the face shields Apple is designing for medical workers
@wired.com 9 months ago
GM Pivots to Building Ventilators, and More Car News This Week
@xconomy.com 9 months ago
VenBio Partners Bags $394M to Back More Medicine-Making Biotechs
@cnet.com 9 months ago
Thousands of N95 masks confiscated from price gougers sent to coronavirus frontlines - CNET
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Claims that AI detects coronavirus in X-rays aren’t convincing medical experts
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
Dyson, Airbus, McLaren making coronavirus ventilators, UK joins EU effort
@theverge.com 10 months ago
Nomad is shifting from making phone accessories to making masks to help medical workers
@9to5mac.com 10 months ago
Apple accessory maker Nomad now making medical masks to combat the coronavirus
@digitaltrends.com 10 months ago
Fiat Chrysler swaps cars for masks in huge production effort
@olewin 10 months ago
#SouthKorea uses #AIforGood and #BigData in its fight against #corona: "Government-run health services receive information on the person's contacts, making it easier to track those whom s/he had met during that time, and bring them under observation and medical tests." https://twitter.com/TamaraMcCleary/status/1241470638973497344
@macrumors.com 10 months ago
Apple Pledges Substantial Donation With Medical Supplies to Italy's First Responders and Medical Personnel
@9to5mac.com 10 months ago
Tim Cook says Apple making ‘substantial donation’ including medical supplies to Italy amid COVID-19
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Essential #ArtificialIntelligence & #MachineLearning terms. Real-Time Health Systems (RTHS): Proactive & collaborative #healthcare delivery systems allowing quick decision making. #AI & #ML sensing & responding to the needs of the patients & #MedicalStaff https://bit.ly/3d4Q8Qr
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HIV patient appears to be totally cured after stem cell treatment
@digitaltrends.com 10 months ago
VR is making medical training cheaper, better, and more accessible than ever
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Green tea extract may target common liver issue, but exercise is key
@srf_aku 12 months ago
SRF recently conducted a talk on "The New Era of #Research: Data Science in Health" by Dr. Rumi Chunara-renowned #datascientist and Assistant Professor at New York University. She spoke about the need for #data driven decision making and #deeplearning in #medicine. #datascience https://t.co/Sda3WbsOpg
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This Sci-Fi-Inspired Device Could Replace Bulky, Expensive X-Ray Machines
@engadget.com 1 year ago
DFree is making an emergency alert system for your colon
@HenrikVogt 1 year ago
In this article by @RuthReader @FastCompany I argue that making our bodies "transparent" with #bigdata tech risks increasing overdiagnosis and noise in medicine. I also have a criticism of @harari_yuval and his book Homo Deus. https://www.fastcompany.com/90440921/amazon-and-apple-will-be-our-doctors-in-the-future-says-tech-guru-peter-diamandis @EricTopol @trishgreenhalgh
@UofAResearch 1 year ago
ICYMI: Using #AI to make medical SciFi a reality - making point-of-care #MedicalImaging & diagnosis a reality http://ow.ly/kmim30q1EXK #ABbiz #ABsci #UAlberta #MachineLearning #ABinnvoation @InnovateYEG #CDNai
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2019’s Allen Distinguished Investigators will focus on the mysteries of our cells
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Microsoft and Ninja Theory are making games to fight mental illness
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Verily, Alphabet’s other money-making, non-Google business, partners with Color on genetic analysis
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch Series 5 is even cheaper with a Medicare plan’s fitness subsidy
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Badass millennial women are supercharging startup investments
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Turns out smartphones aren't making millennials grow horns after all
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“#MachineLearning is particularly good at identifying patterns, which is deeply relevant to assessing patient risk. Risk scores are useful for communicating patient state, which is valuable in making efficient care decisions.” http://ow.ly/bAfz30px9lg #Healthcare #Medicine #AI
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Google launches new tools for finding local addiction resources
@engadget.com 1 year ago
CDC warns against vaping until it figures out what’s making people sick
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Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making - MIT News Read more here: https://ift.tt/2KgwCnu #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT
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Google’s DeepMind follows a mixed path to AI in medicine