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Is Affordable Health Care Impossible? How Patients Find Ways to Lower Costs - CNET
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Health Care Is Too Expensive: How Patients Advocate for Themselves to Lower Costs - CNET
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Cityblock Health CEO Toyin Ajayi on how to scale human-centered care models
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Drinking coffee could lower risk of stroke and dementia, study says
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Johns Hopkins study casts doubt on statins as COVID-19 treatment
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Rani Therapeutics’ $73M IPO will fund upcoming clinical trials
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Intermittent fasting may tweak gut bacteria to lower high blood pressure
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Study shows pandemic could end – face masks lower the ERN
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Blood pressure medicines lower risk of COVID-19 death, study says
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A Vital Hack Could Turn Medical Devices Into Ventilators
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Medical clinics on lower end NBN plans to get free boost to 50Mbps
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Stanford Engineers Create Ankle Exoskeleton to Boost Running Efficiency
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After First Look at House Drug Plan, Stocks Rise Slightly
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Harvard research suggests millions of people are wasting their time taking aspirin
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FDA reveals change that’ll help bring cheaper generic drugs to the US
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A generic HIV prevention drug should arrive in 2021
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Walnuts may lower blood pressure, but only with this diet tweak
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Popular blood sugar drug slashes kidney failure risk in diabetics
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These vitamins may lower death risk, but only if you get them from food
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UPS using drones to zip medical samples around North Carolina - CNET
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Pharma CEOs to Senate: We Will Lower Drug Prices if Rebates Go Away
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Young people in liberal states use more cannabis, but have lower rates of dependence
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Trump Pledges Lower Drug Prices, But Blueprint Is Short on Details
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Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Eliminate Lower Back Pain
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New biosensor can detect HIV earlier and faster than ever before
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Remedy is a Khosla-backed teledoc with A.I. capabilities for the uninsured
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Rewalk Robotics is building a “soft exoskeleton” to rehabilitate stroke patients
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#UNC #healthcare uses #bigdata to improve care & lower readmissions by aligning medical research and more:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/794261681992007681
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Parental Interest in Newborn #Genomics Lower Than Expected https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniemlee/whats-in-your-babys-dna?utm_term=.dmr6l0wd3#.gjAYOr8gQ #SNRTG #BigData #genetics… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/788806197545668608
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Bitcoin Price Watch; A Short-term Cascade Effect
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If you live in the US, you pay too much for prescription drugs
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Gamifying healthcare to reduce costs Sempre Health launches from the Alchemist Accelerator
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Fee-For-Value Drives Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Opportunity
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Risk And Reward: The Bundled Payment Opportunity For Tech Startups
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Y Combinator-Backed CareLedger Aims To Provide Free Medical Care To Employees