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A synthetic cell that grows and divides normally was created in the lab
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3D printers may become standard equipment for operating rooms
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What’s different about the 2020 Census?
Study shows that living in space makes your brain grow larger
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Scientists created living robots out of stem cells
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3D Models Of Living Human Cells Made With #ArtificialIntelligence Could Help Revolutionize Cancer Treatment #AI #ML #DL #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #ComputerVisison #Medicine #Healtcare #video https://t.co/E2GKZXKVQr
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Computers can now easily analyze every structure in a living cell #ComputerVision #ML #MachineLearning #AI #Medicine #HealtCare #Healt #Tech #Video https://t.co/36Cydk1Gec
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Scientists bioprint living tissue in a matter of seconds
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Google’s SMILY is reverse image search for cancer diagnosis
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Synlogic Lands $80M from Ginkgo to Ramp Up “Living Medicines” R&D
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As researchers pursue links between the bacteria and human health, startups stand to benefit
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Long term study finds engineered blood vessels turned to living tissue
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Be a hacker, save the world — and you can name your price to do it all
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Using tech and $100m, Dr Consulta transforms healthcare for the poorest
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Scientists Use CRISPR to Block HIV Replication Inside Living Cells
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AI offers a new way to look inside living human cells
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AI is giving the entire medical field super powers
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This 3D-printed ‘living ink’ could someday help with skin replacements
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Why functional medicine is the way of the future
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Why functional medicine is the way of the future
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Scientists 3D-printed ovaries and made mouse babies
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Insane X-ray ‘superflares’ may have made Proxima b uninhabitable long ago
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Jeff Bezos, Mayo Clinic back anti-aging startup Unity Biotechnology for $116 million
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New probe measures electrical activity of hundreds of individual neurons in living brains
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Lyft partners with Brookdale to bring on-demand rides to senior communities
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Doctors successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor in the US
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Philips Nitro speakers and headphones bring synesthesia to your living room
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This genetically engineered ‘living robot’ moves with rat heart cells
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Penn engineers’ start-up XEED puts wearables to work against Parkinson’s disease
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The future of 3D-printed prosthetics
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Three Things The Tech Industry Has Right And The Medical Industry Has Wrong
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Scientists record HIV moving through a living body
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Cambridge researchers design game to treat schizophrenia
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Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise
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"we are living in an unprecedented time in biology & medicine" Cynthia Morton #ASHG14 presidential address #genomics #bigdata
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Uber launches ‘Corner Store’ delivery service in Washington DC
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Australian University 3D-prints body parts for med schools