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Do you want a new data package for teaching? MedLEA package provides morphological and structural features of 471 medicinal plant leaves and 1099 leaf images of 31 species and 29-45 images per species. https://github.com/SMART-Research/MedLEA #rstats #DataVisualization #dataviz #MachineLearning https://t.co/rYpyj16rTs
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Phonak Naída Paradise gives power back to those with severe hearing loss
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Bio Roundup: CRISPR Kudos, Bristol Myers’s Buy, RNAi Alliance & More
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Garbage in, garbage out: Data science, meet evidence-based medicine
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Verily's COVID-19 Screening Website Leaves Privacy Questions Unanswered
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Medical marijuana dispensary breach leaves thousands of users exposed
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Artificial leaves use sunlight to produce cheap medicine
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Scientists built artificial leaves that can turn sunlight into medicine
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The FDA thinks an Xbox game can stop kids smoking
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Delivery Robots in Big D, Rodriguez Leaves the Station, & More TX Tech
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RIP @leftysnail - Leaves Genetic Legacy for Medical Research http://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/jeremy-one-million-snail-died-615892 #SNRTG #RareDisease #genomics #Nature #science #BigData https://t.co/uoMA9C8xTI
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McLaren’s perfect supercar: tearing up the track in the 666-horsepower 675LT
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BoardRounds Helps Hospitals Follow Up With Patients After They Leave The Emergency Room